New to RJ?

So i got asked this week by a fellow author, that thorny question, which RJ Scott book should I read? I immediately flailed a lot, looked at my back list, felt like none of it was worthy - the usual thing a lot of creative people do.

In the end I recommended my Montana series, which is the newest of my series. And, also The Heart Of Texas, which is book 1 in my Texas series, with the warning it's like very soap-opery,

Then, my chiropractor admitted she'd bought and read The Christmas Throwaway. She said she really liked it which was enough for me to turn scarlet. LOL.

So, I thought I'd try to create a primer for my books, but seriously, this is hard. I've been publiushed since 2010, and I've written over 100 stories, a mix of novels. novellas, stanalones, and series books. I have also co-authored some books...

Here goes with some random observations and places to start...

Series books (MM)

Family, saga, drama, The Texas Series (and Legacy, the offshoot), The Montana Series. Both of these set in an around ranches, with various stories and some different couples. The Montana series is quite angsty in book 2 and 3. There is also Ellery Mountain, a series of novellas, and this is being re-released in full in May. Sapphire Cay (co-authored)

Drama, action, guns, The Sanctuary SeriesBodyguard Series, Heroes,

Paranormal, drama, Oracle Series, The Fire Trilogy, End Street,

Co-authored End Street

Standalone titles (MM)

Christmas, Family, all my Christmas books are here, and include The Christmas Throwaway, New York Christmas, Jesse's Christmas... and more...

Action, drama, Alpha, Delta,

Angst, Emotion, family, Boy BannedDeefur DogThe Bucket ListThe Decisions we make

Other bits and pieces! Three (MMM), All the Kings Men (think disaster movie!)

Paranormal The Gallows TreeThe New Wolf

MF titles 

Hockey Romance Dragons Hockey

Famil saga, small town, Stanford Creek (includes 2 MF, 1 MM)

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