Author Interview: Nick J Markus

What are the major themes of your work. What genre do you write in?

Well, I tend to write in the paranormal genre; although, I'm thinking of going to historical paranormal in some future works. I love the fact that this genre gives me the freedom to tell stories based in reality yet with fantasy elements. I have a strong basis for my world-building and yet I can also do mad things at the same time and really follow my imagination. I wouldn't say I follow particular themes with my work, but I notice I do usually have a 'bad' character in need of redemption somewhere in my stories, even if only in a supporting role. So I guess that's a recurring theme for me. Plus I love a good supernatural romance! ;)

What genre of books do you like to read? Do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?

I actually have pretty eclectic tastes when it comes to reading and I can move from paranormal to classics, to non-fiction, to literary fiction and back again. I love to read most genres, except I'm not keen in True Crime or Chick Lit, and I try to keep a good mix on my shelf. I think reading a wide variety of books helps me as a writer since, as well as learning from many great writers, it keeps my own ideas fresh if I'm not reading solely in my own genre.

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes to remaining sane as a writer?

Having an understanding family for sure. My husband is pretty good when I disappear with 'work to do'. I work full-time as well and I think finding that work-life balance is vital. I'd love to have more time to write, but I try to be realistic and set myself goals that are achievable. A steady supply of chocolate is also a huge help!

How much research do you put into your writing?

Time Keepers was set in the near future and really didn't require much research. My previous release, Day-Walker, did have a flashback to Revolutionary France, but that is a time period I'm fond of and know a great deal about to begin with. That said, I would like to develop a more historical slant in some of my future work and then I will be hitting the books as I'd want my portrayals of times and places to be accurate.

If you could collaborate with another author who would it be?

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I'd love to write historical paranormal romance with her as I really think she is Queen of the genre. She's definitely a writer I'd aspire to be like. If you don't know her work, get out there and grab one of the books in her Saint Germain vampire series - they are amazing.

How do you feel about being interviewed?

Ha. Well actually I don't mind at all. As well as being a writer, I am also a keen singer and musician. I'm used to getting on stage in front of people, so a little interview shouldn't cause me too much dread. It's always an honour to be invited for interviews and to have the chance to meet new people and share my stories with them, so thanks for having me, RJ.



In the not so distant future, Supernaturals have announced their presence to the world. But now a secret government agency is rounding them up, hoping to use them for its own purposes.

With Supernaturals going missing every day, Nick has been careful to guard his own secret, never giving anyone reason to notice him. That is until Ellie comes careering into his train carriage.

Instantly drawn to her, he tries to help. But soon both their secrets are revealed and they find themselves on the run in a desperate bid to escape from the mysterious Time Keepers, whose net is closing in around them.


Say No To Fur!!

The poster caught his eye as he stood on the muggy, station platform waiting for the southbound Jubilee Line tube. 

Nick frowned, tilting his head slightly and staring at it. The hologram of a wolf's head hovered in the centre, the trademark tinges of reds and greens, which even modern technology could not erase completely from the image, were just visible behind its charcoal grey fur. It rippled there in seeming innocence, a benign look in its yellow eyes as it watched the passers-by.

In some ways it seemed inconspicuous, lost as it was amidst the neon graffiti tags that covered every free inch of wall space, and yet it drew the eye somehow, creating a sense of disquiet that made everyone give it a wide berth as they walked past.

Then a woman stepped a little too close.

The wolf's head leapt out from the poster, eyes bloodshot and jaws open wide, revealing glistening pointed teeth that dripped with saliva and snapped viciously at her. The woman shrieked and jumped back in fright, dropping her handbag as the wolf retreated, reverting once more to its former pose.

Nick bent down and retrieved the worn leather bag, holding it out to her. He could hear the heavy pounding of her heart within her chest, and he waited patiently while she took a moment to compose herself. Finally her watery grey eyes focused on him, and she reached out a gnarled and wrinkled hand to reclaim her possessions. 

"Thank you, young man." She carefully eased the handles of the bag back over her emaciated arm, the additional weight making her hunch her shoulders as she supported one arm with the other. "It shouldn't be allowed."

"No, the tube station really isn't the place for posters like that," he agreed with her readily, casting a wary glance at the wall where the wolf still hovered, looking peaceable once more.

"No, not the poster, young man; I mean these Werewolves—and the Vampires too. As if there isn't already enough wrong in the world without such evil creatures roaming around free. The sooner the Government stamps them out the better." The woman turned away and waddled off farther down the platform.


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