252,000 hits and Silver Publishing books

New art by Meredith Russell
Just passed a quarter of a million hits to my website since February 2012. I think that is cause for celebration and have opened a bottle of wine accordingly! Thank you guys... xxx

Also, thank you for the support you have all given me over Christmas and into the New Year, both publicly and privately.

This seems as good a point as any to explain what is happening with my old Silver releases.

I know a lot of you have been noticing books disappearing from Silver etc and also new cover art to replace the old covers from Silver. You may also know that I have set up a direct sales website (www.lovelanebooks.co.uk) to sell a significant amount of my old books and also to publish new books at least every other month.

I have some wonderful cover art from BitterGrace Art and Meredith Russell for these books moving from Silver and coming under my creative control. I want to publicly thank them both.

The book that seems to be giving most cause for concern with the amount of emails I have been receiving is the disappearance from Silver and third party sites (Amazon etc) of The Heart Of Texas. Unfortunately I can not give you any updated news on that. Either way it will either be with TEB or will be available via Love Lane Books and I hope to have an answer for everyone very soon.  UPDATE - HERE

New art from Total E-Bound
The Texas Series

Book 1 is currently not available anywhere at present. Watch this space for news.
  • Heart Of Texas
  • Texas Winter (available from the usual places)
  • Texas Heat (available from the usual places)

Previous Silver Books and where they will be available.

Total E-Bound

Alongside new books and series that are contracted with TEB, I also have contracts for the following books with new editing and cover art.
  • Back Home (April)
  • Moments (March)
Love Lane Books

Thanks to my wonderful husband I have a direct sales site at www.lovelanebooks.co.uk for the following books to have homes as soon as they are available:
  • Kian - Fire Trilogy  (Feb 2013)
  • All The Kings Men (TBA) *** re-written
  • Darach - Fire Trilogy  (TBA) 
  • Eoin - Fire Trilogy  (TBA)
  • One Night (TBA) *** with additional chapter at end
  • Deefur Dog (TBA) 
  • The Gallows Tree (TBA)
  • Jesse's Christmas (TBA) 
  • Oracle (TBA)
  • New art by Meredith Russell
  • Oracle 2: Book of Secrets (TBA)
Co-Authored Books

I am in discussions with my co-authors and final decisions will be made on these books at 18 April 2013. Currently these are all available via Silver and Amazon, and all the other usual 3rd parties.
  • The Soldier's Tale (Sue Brown/Chris Quinton)
  • The Art Of Words (Meredith Russell)
  • Shattered Secrets (Diane Adams)
  • Broken Memories (Diane Adams)
  • Splintered Lies (Diane Adams)
  • Hearts of England (Anthology) 
The Halfway House series

Written with Jaime Reese A Better Man was book 1 in a planned series of books. These are all available via Silver and Amazon, and all the other usual 3rd parties. Jaime will be writing book 2 onwards.
  • A Better Man
  • A Hunted Man (WIP I believe)


  1. Raises glass of wine, *cheers*

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. As I finally get my to be read pile done I'll make sure to leave reviews in the right place. I really like your new store and the freebie for Christmas were a lot of fun.

    1. I am so pleased you like the new site... I will let hubby know because he worked so hard on it... HUGS XXXX

  3. Congratulations on the new site, the new art, all the positives happening now, and oh, for perseverance too.

    1. And thank you for coming over and commenting... I appreciate it so much...

      Hugs RJ XXX

  4. Are the non-silver editions of your books updates or are they the same text?

    Also, I will gladly copy over my reviews of your books as the new ones come available.

    1. They are the same, just edited again... also i will be significantly re-writing All The Kings Men and also adding a chapter at the end of One Night... I will let everyone know what level I take the edits too... and as to reviews, yes please, that would be awesome and I thank you muchly... HUGS HARD Rj xxxxxxx

    2. Will do. Any chance that previous buyers can get the updates?

    3. I want to be able to offer this... I just need to think of how I go about it...

      If you have any ideas please let me know... :)

    4. Are you able to see if an Amazon account purchased one of your books? If so, you could gift them a copy of the new book if they contact you.

    5. No... silver has all of that... i dont have access to it... I guess i will say if you can send me an email confimation that you bought it then i will send a new copy... readers can get lists of their purchased books from Amazon, ARe, Silver etc... that could work... x

    6. PS: I attempted to review the new edition of Christmas Throwaway and Amazon yelled at me about only allowing one review per product. As I scrolled back through reviews of the new one, I was able to find mine integrated in on page 5.

    7. Seriously? That is cool that they all come over... :)

    8. How should we contact you?

    9. Don't worry... I'll announce it all when I have it sorted... HUGS XXX

  5. Why the major re-write on all the kings men? I loved it having no sex at all. Didnt fit the story. One night is the one which could use a rewrite if ever.

    1. I'm not re-writing ATKM to add sex... promise...

      Also, One Night, is having a new chapter as an epilogue... x