Monday News Round up - Sanctuary 7, Montana 1, UK Meet & More

Book Releases

The Doctor And The Bad Boy (Ellery 4)...

... has been described as classic RJ Scott.

I like that phrase, not sure what classic RJ Scott is but never mind...typically crap, typically .... i'll leave that to your imagination!

Out to buy and read from Total E-Bound only -

Shattered Secrets (In The Shadow Of The Wolf #1) with Diane Adams

Re-released through Love Lane Books and is available on, Amazon, ARe.

Writing with Amber Kell & Stephani Hecht

The three of us are each taking one book in a trilogy about wolf shifters in Vermont... I am writing book 1, The New Wolf, which will be with you 1 August... Book 2 is Stephani's and is out 15 August and Book 3 is Ambers, out 1 September. All three will be available seperately on those dates but pulled together as one paperback and all being well it will be ready for Gay Rom Lit for us all to sign!

Insert English Dry humour: Of course mine will the best book so Steph and Amber will have a hard time following it... BWHAHAHAHAHA

Sanctuary 7 marketing and buy date

As you may all be aware S7 - Worlds Collide, is out this friday and I am trying this new countdown marketing thing. It was inspired by Diane Adams who used to do this for her Making Of A Man books, and also by the new work TEB is doing for their author's new books.

Let me know what you think?

New weekly competition

I have these wonderful printed postcard type thingies that all arrived this week. OMG they are gorgeous - I am blessed with the most amazing artwork from Meredith Russell and BitterGrace Art. While hubby and I wrestle with a cost effective way to get these to people I decided to run a weekly competition for every single person that signs up, or is signed up already, to my website for email updates. The winner each week can select three cards and I will sign them and send them to the winner...

Pre-order books for the UK Meet

If you're attending the UK Meet I have a list of books available in paperback that you can pre-order for me to sign. This was following on from a couple of emails I received about print books that really made me smile.

You can find the post about this here: Book Order for UK Meet


I have a newly updated WIP page which I am trying to keep up to date as I change anything... I need to work on my print books page... so no one go look at that, okay! 

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  1. More Sanctuary :D

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