Friday Interview - Sue Holston

Interview with Sue Holston

How do you manage to come up with such detailed backgrounds, not just the characters, but the worlds too?

For our new book, Facing the Music, Sue and I drew from our experiences visiting Los Angeles. We both had been to the Hotel Café, where our rock band kicks off their U.S. tour and wanted to add that into the plot. Plus, I grew up with a father who worked at a radio station for over thirty years until he retired, so I’ve meet a lot of interesting musicians over the years and always wanted to write about a dysfunctional band on the verge of breaking up.

What are some of your plans for future books, plot lines etc...

Sue and I are brainstorming for our next book which might/might not be a sequel to Facing the Music. While my other writing partner, Eleanor Bruce and I are already writing the sequel to our recent werewolf book, The Moon’s Dirty Light (eXtasy Books). We had such fun poking fun at all the tropes in paranormal m/m books that we are eagerly trying to tackle a few more this time like: arranged/forced marriage, pretend boyfriends, werewolves vs. vampires and perhaps even mpreg! (Although I am going to have to talk Eleanor into that one as she’s not a fan of arse babies. *g*)

Who are some of your favourite authors, and what are your favourite plot lines?

My favorite non-fiction author is Elie Wiesel. He writes so beautifully. Night is my all-time favorite book. As for fiction books, I’ve always been a romance reader. Some of my preferred romance authors are: Christina Dodd, Amanda Quick, Sarah Madison, Kari Gregg and Suzanne Brockmann.


Blurb for Facing the Music

Ethan James, charismatic leader of the rock band Texas Madmen only wants to play music, until he meets reporter Graham Henderson. Suddenly Ethan’s world isn’t just about music anymore. But Graham’s job is to write an exclusive that will make waves. That means digging up all the dirty laundry that the band has kept under cover for years—and deciding what to do with it.  

Can Ethan and Graham’s love withstand the revelations? Will the band continue to dominate, or will the music die?

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Ringing the doorbell, Graham waited for a maid or butler to answer. A few moments later, the door opened, and Graham was stunned to see the man he was there to interview standing right in front of him.

At six foot four and a half, Graham was used to looking down at most people. Now he’d heard that Ethan James was tall, but nothing had prepared Graham for the sight of the six foot two rocker close up. With boots on, he easily looked Graham straight in the eyes, and that was the first thing Graham noticed, his extraordinary eyes.

They were large, green and lustrous, fringed by dark lashes, and at that moment they were peering at him suspiciously. Ethan had pale skin dusted with tiny freckles and a mouth that was plump and succulent. Sadly, the plush lips in question were currently pressed together in annoyance, and there was a scowl marring the finely drawn brow.

Ethan James was broad-shouldered. It was evident from his muscular arms and tapered waist that he worked out, and, damn, he filled out a pair of faded Levi’s in a way that would put David Beckham to shame. Graham could have kissed his editor. This assignment was going to be a pleasure!

Realizing he’d been staring at Ethan for far too long without introducing himself, Graham stuck out his right hand and said, “Hi, I’m Graham Henderson from Center Stage. We have a pre-interview app—”

And before Graham could finish, Ethan James slammed the door in his face.


Sue’s bio:

Sue Holston is the writing team of H.L. and Sue, who have been friends for more than a decade.

Holly, who also writes as H.L. Holston, is a teacher by day, and sometimes writer by night. She admits she is a horrible blogger, even worse in keeping up on FaceBook, but tries anyway. However, all bets are off if Bruce Springsteen is on tour!

Sue is an an ex-patriot Brit who lives in Vancouver, BC. She has a cat and a compulsion to write. The rest is subject to change without notice.

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