RJ Scott, cleaning House, an apology, new website, Texas 4 & Montana 1

Now that my wonderful hubby has now joined me full time at Love Lane Books, I can focus on writing even more... win / win.

Some of the projects that have fallen by the wayside, including a sequel to Bodyguard to a Sex God, Texas 4 (current WIP) and maybe a sequel to some other of my books, will now become a realistic goal for me. I am concentrating on writing longer books for TEB, starting with Montana 1 which is with them for editing, writing my paranormal for eXtasy and also beginning a new series with them in 2014.

Hubby will be working on a new website which he hopes to have live for next week *YAY*. As part of this we will be fiddling with the categories and lists on the site and you may find a few posts coming to you that you will already have seen... I apologise in advance.

The new website will be driven more by posts than containing long lists of things and you will be able to search through categories etc... there will also be drop down menus and books categorised by series, standalone, co-authored, etc. so I hope you find it a lot easier to find things.

Is there anything you would like to see on my new website? More news? Author interviews? Recommendations of books I have read? Let me know and I will pass it all on to Mr RJ.

Meanwhile, Texas 4 is flying along and will be with you to read on 11 October... watch this space for news... and my organisation skills are being tested by GRL which is now four weeks away *gasp*.

Hugs, RJ X


  1. YAY! That's great news, I can't wait to read more of your books. Texas 4 and Montana 1 sound so good. Is Texas 4 the last book? I can't wait to read more of your books, especially sequels.

    More news is always good. Always. I'm excited about everything really, but news is definitely good. The interviews and recommendations would be nice, too. :))

  2. Great news RJ! Looking forward to Texas 4 and all the other goodies you have in the pipeline! The new website sounds great, and I look forward to it's release. Recommendations of your fave books sounds like a good idea in addition to the enhancements you've already mentioned.

  3. Fantastic! Kiss your hubby for all of us who love your writing, especially the longer works. This is all such good news.

  4. Trisha hush! (Ha! Ha!) Don't want Texas Family to be the last! Don't give RJ ideas!

  5. I hope you continue with the Texas series I know all good things come to an end but I find your style and the fact you have an actual plot refreshing . I just love the Tesax series it is like old friends thank you