Amber just asked me if I am ready for UK Meet...

Well I am. Sort of. I've got the books sorted to take, and the pens, and I worked out (with your help) which book I should use in my novel openings reading, Guarding Morgan.

I'm not actually packed in the sense that my case is full of clothes. I'm one of those last minute packers. It takes me fifteen minutes and I don't forget things. Packing in advance leaves me all confused. ROFL. All my clothes are there ready to go, and I never forget my chargers for anything!

I'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone, and to sitting and chatting and getting inspiration for a story line i am currently stuck with. (Looks at Meredith and Chris!). I'm traveling from home with Meredith so I imagine we'll be talking plot lines on the way cross country...

I'll try to Instagram what I can and tag it #UKMEET, this auto posts to my FB and twitter. You can follow my twitter at

Do you have any questions you want me to ask any of the attendees? Drop me an email or comment here and I will try and ask!


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