Formula One novel - Working titles - Downforce, Speed, Pole Position

Before meeting my husband more than twenty years ago I didn't really know that Formula 1 existed. He is a HUGE Ferrari fan and has been since he was a wee little thing. He doesn't follow a particular driver, he is a Ferrari follower. He follows the passion and the fire that the Italian team have, and is a fan through the good years and the bad.

I love all the bits around the GPs. The backbiting, the rivalry, the larger than life characters, and yep, I am shallow, I love the very pretty men... rofl...

I also live about 20 miles from Silverstone so setting the scene wont be too difficult, and yes, I have sat at Silverstone and watched a GP.

I have wanted to write a story based around Formula 1 ever since I started writing fan fiction, but the canvas seems so broad. I know my story, I want a driver and an engineer, and I want to capture the glamour and life that surrounds the F1 circus.

So this time last year I began thinking about the story, but I am still worrying about whether a US Market would like the F1 type story. Although there is now a US GP. Then I convince myself that the book wouldn't be full of driving terms and technical details but actually more about the back end of it, and the media and the glamour... and that can be put against any kind of sport.

So anyway... this is a post acting as a place marker for this book which should be with you in time for the British GP 2015.


  1. Awesome!! Can't wait to read this, RJ! One of my favorite het series is the Fast-Track series by Erin McCarthy. These stories revolve around NASCAR drivers.


  2. Always up to learning new things so bring it on. I'm sure you'll make the story great. :)

  3. I love racing. I spent some years in Indianapolis and went tot he race there every year.

  4. Love racing, in all its forms.

  5. This sounds awesome Rj. I love F1. We used to watch it religiously, but have sort of slacked of a bit this year. We named our son after the Jordan Racing Team, lol. We don't tend to follow a team as such now, we mostly support the British and Aussie drivers. I look forward to reading whatever you come up with. :)

    1. We're a Ferrari family... through the ups and the downs... rofl... X

  6. Nice montage of drivers there. I see Kimi appears more than once. A favourite of yours?