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The Cave
This week has been a very unsettling week. My daughter get's her A Level results tomorrow which dictates which University she will go to. She is hoping for Cardiff and a place there on the English Language & Linguistics course. So we're all on the edge waiting...

Added to that we had last week off on holiday in Yorkshire, which means I have the 'back to work' feeling. I love my work, but I am tired from last week.

Then we had our first ever release from Kay Berrisford go live and that is way harder than it looks!

Then (can you see a pattern) Matt is at home for the holidays, i.e. not at school... that makes things *interesting*.

Then, last week a bed collapsed on me, no don't ask how, and I have damaged my Achilles tendon... *grimaces*... so, meh, cramp and ache and ouches abound.

So, today I decided I wasn't working. No marketing, or writing, or anything. *save my eyes, and my brain*.

That lasted a few minutes and THEN my newly printed posters arrived for Max and the Prince & Deacon's Law, and I had to get them up on the wall!

I am a sucker for cover art. I love cover art, and I am lucky that I have some of the prettiest men on the prettiest covers! So I decided to sort out my office a bit... and put up all my posters and then added some postcards... then I sorted all my paperbacks into order... then I tidied out my desk draw...

And now I feel all inspired to write... so I guess it was the right thing to do!


  1. It looks great! Good luck for results and remember there's always clearing - some people I know were happier with their university through clearing than those who got first choice.

  2. Good job on the office. It looks bright, cheerful, & comforting all in one.

  3. Good luck to your daughter for her results!
    OMG, I wish I had the Christmas Throwaway poster too, is there a way to get them? (´⊙ω⊙`)

  4. Looking good.

    FYI - I've had a bed break on me too. Well, not on me, under me.

  5. I want a Christmas Throwaway poster.....loved it