Tax and ebook pricing...

A link to an article I wrote on tax and e-book pricing from 1 January 2015 in the EU (European Union)


  1. 1) I will not buy a ebook if the publisher/sale site adds tax on my cart. I will decline the buy, and wait and try all romance ebook. If they add tax too, I will not buy that ebbok at all. Any ebook I buy is an export. My country is not part of the UN. When I buy a paperback, I pay Vat and taxes in my country, and I can lend the book as often as I care to, and resell it when I do not want to own it. That is not allowed with an ebook and the pricing should take that into account.

    1. I think most places will add the tax if you are in a EU country. I don't fully understand it all... :(