Focus on One Night

Cover Art by Meredith Russell
The Book

Liam Wade is rich, successful, and Leigh is the perfect, approved, wife for him. Before he settles down to give his daughter the best family he can, he wants one week away, to think. Just to make sure that he can leave half of himself hidden and marry without love, because Liam has one big problem in all of this -- he's gay.

Micah Adamson is the owner of a vineyard in Rochester NY, and has yet to find the partner he knows is out there for him. he believes in love and wants forever, and one day he knows he will find his 'forever' man. He attends a wine festival in Santa Monica, seven nights in a beautiful hotel on the beach.

Micah wants to show that love between two men includes affection, understanding, and can be forever. Will he make Liam see sense?

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"....One Night is a beautiful retelling of the oldest romance story in the world, the meeting by chance of two people, from totally different walks of life, and how that meeting turns their lives upside down. Highly recommended if you love tortured souls coming out and believe love can triumph over everything else...."  

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