My Inspiration Wall

I am lucky enough to have an office (aka converted dining room) and on the wall above my PC is my inspiration. Anyone that know me will know that I LOVE my cover art and that it inspires me. What you may not know is that I like, if I can, to have the cover art first. This inspires my writing no end and also means my guys descriptions match the cover. Of course the process of choosing the cover models is hard but it's just something i have to do (ROFL!).

On the top row are my released books (Heroes  and Bodyguards series). The second row is my WIP.

In order, I am writing The Summer House (English Hearts #1) next, then Undercover Lovers (Bodyguards Inc #4), then Deacon's Law (Heroes 3).

You'll also see signed pictures from Jordan L Hawk who I fangirled TO DEATH at GRL... poor girl.

There is also fan art from Karrie Jax who took a quote from Guarding Morgan (Sanctuary book 1) and made me some gorgeous art.

I don't fall in love on a whim. In fact, I've never been in love. For me this could well be my forever. I want it to to be your forever, too.

I also have a shelf for my print books (bottom left) but it's only a small shelf and I have run out of room... :O Oh and I have a calendar with my cover art on it currently showing The Barman and the SEAL (Ellery book 7) and Deacon's Law.

What do you think of my space?


  1. Not sure I'd get much writing done if I got to stare at those pics all day! ;) It's very nice though.

  2. Wonderful covers and I'm the same I don't think I'd get to much writing done I'd be too busy staring at the wall!!