Reader Recommended RJ Books... The Texas Series

By Marinieves

I love the Texas series ... because it develops from two families that for years had secrets , hated each other but love made them come together.

The sense of family that Jack and Riley have created and the learning process as a family.

I am really interested in reading the Sanctuary series because it shows the desire to protect its members.

The Montana series showed the siblings willing to work together and acceptance towards someone who wanted to help and protect their legacy.

The Christmas Throwaway - shows that sometimes a stranger can become a very important part of your life. Also give you the love and family you always wanted and needed.

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The Heart of Texas - Book 1

A story of murder, deceit, the struggle for power, lust and love, the sprawling life of a rancher and the whirlwind existence of a playboy. But under and through it all, as Riley learns over the months, this is a tale about family and everything that that word means.

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Texas Winter - Book 2

Riley’s past comes back to haunt him both professionally and personally.

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Texas Heat - Book 3

The story of one hot summer in Texas with a Gay Rodeo, a bar fight at the Rusty Nail, humor, angst and a love between two men that just grows stronger every day.

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Texas Family - Book 4

Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes begin a journey that will change their lives forever.

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Texas Christmas - Book 5

Six men with lives linked to the Double D... Danger comes to the Double D from Liam's past and threatens everything Jack and Riley hold dear.

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Texas Fall - Book 6

Jack could lose the other half of his heart when Riley is kidnapped.

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  1. My favorite series. Ms. Scott tells a great Texas story. :)

  2. Great day for the U.S. and Ms Scott's fans. Same sex marriage has been voted for by our Supreme Court, so we can also look forward to reading Texas Wedding someday (hopefully soon). Really looking forward to that day. :)