Oops - my bad

That moment you go to Goodreads and see you have 11 pending questions you never even realised were there... I also had a couple of emails this week so I thought I would post the answers to the main questions here:

Yes, there will be definitely be a Texas 7. I will write *Texas Wedding* as and when Texas recognise same sex marriage... and there will be an offshoot set in the future dealing with Jack and Riley's son... and of course Hayley (and her cousin... winks)...

Oh and I have a whole three book series idea offshooting from the kids in court in Texas Fall :)

Sorry, but I wont be writing a sequel to The Christmas Throwaway (well, i don't think so, but there again, i have all these ideas, and Christmas is soon... and ...)

The Rancher's Son, book 2 in the Montana series will be with you January 2016. I'm sorry for the delay on this but I am taking back creative control of Crooked Tree Ranch and this means the delay is inevitable until I have CTR back with me.

Yes, there will be more End Street with Amber Kell... lots more. Again we are taking back creative control and re-releasing along with lots of new stories... watch this space for news...

I hope this helps, and I am so sorry to those that asked these Qs over on Goodreads that I missed (for the past six months)...


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  1. Thx for the update. Love your books, esp the Texas and Sanctuary series. :)