The Marrying Kind - Jay Northcote - Review

The Marrying Kind

Nathan wants to put a ring on it, but is Owen the marrying kind?

Two years on from their first date, Owen and Nathan are living together and life is good—except they’re not on the same page about marriage.

A traditionalist at heart, Nathan wants it all: the wedding, the vows, and a pair of matching rings. Owen, on the other hand, believes marriage is old-fashioned and unnecessary. They don’t need a wedding to prove their commitment to each other. Love should be enough on its own.

All it takes is one moment of weakness on a night out to force the issue. Owen finds himself engaged after a half-drunk proposal, and Nathan’s enthusiasm sweeps him along. But as the big day approaches, the mounting tension finally combusts.

If he’s going to save their relationship, Owen will need to decide once and for all if he’s truly the marrying kind.


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The Marrying Kind is a sequel to The Dating Game. It continues Owen and Nathan's story, so you really need to read The Dating Game first. But that is a good thing, because The Dating Game was one of my favourite books of 2014 (link to my review). 

Whereas The Dating Game had a lighthearted touch to it, The Marrying Kind digs deeper into what it means to a person to be married and how a person's past can impact their future. I must say at one point I could feel myself welling up in this book. I loved this, and the journey to the end between the characters was handled beautifully. A lovely sequel and one I highly recommend.

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