Euro Pride Con Author: Hans M Hirschi

Release Day! FinallyIf youre an author, you know how exciting this day is, and just a little scary, because now the story is out there, anyone can read it, anyone can have their say. The characters are no longer yours, they the readers, and they have to stand on their own.
Today I get to release my fifth novel and since all my books are very different from each other, Willem of the Tafel, my attempt at writing Science-Fiction, is making me very nervous. Ive always struggled with genres, the best way to define me would be defiant, but given that my heroes are gay, Ive found a home in that snug little corner of literature. And people have been nice, even though my stories rarely stack up to your typical gay romance novel, not even Jonathans Hope.
My post here today is also my chance to meet readers who will be heading to Munich and Euro Pride Con, in just six weeks.  So thanks to RJ, Marc and the rest of the organizers for putting up this amazing event on European soil, and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to present myself to those of you who havent heard of me yet. Strangely, I hear there are still pockets of humanity who havent heard of meLets remedy that, shall we?
Ive been writing for the longest time, but have only began to publish fiction two years ago with Jonathans Hope, my opus 2, being the first of my novels to be released in July 2013. Since then Ive released a total of five novels, Ive been in a couple on anthologies and I put out a free e-book on my husband and my journey to parenthood. Plus I blog regularly, so Im frequently found with blisters on my finger tips.
Im living the dream of playing author, with an enormously supportive husband who keeps pushing me (and paying for it) and a son who keeps me firmly grounded in reality. I couldnt be luckier, even though Im not quite the bestseller, yet. Writing for me is really truly a passion, and given that I write an average of fifteen to twenty thousand words a week, you can safely assume I dont have much of a choice. Sure, there are weeks when my pen rests, vacations are such examples, when I enjoy just being with my family, dangling my soul and resting. Once Im on a roll though, I freak out when the clock ticks six pm and the family comes home expecting dinner (and Im still sitting with my breakfast plate next to my laptop.) Luckily, Im also pretty good at kitchen wizardry and usually manage to smoothen things over without anyone noticing that it wasnt quite planned for’… (Hope hubby doesnt read this.)
Six more weeks until we all meet in Munich, this years first convention for me. I havent been to the Bavarian capital since 2012. I used to work there regularly, so its going to be a welcome return, and I cant wait to have my Weisswurstfor breakfast (youll see) and plenty of decent Weissbeer (they like it white in Bavaria for some reason.)  But Im also looking to meet new colleagues, along some old friends and hopefully lots and lots of readers. I just had a discussion with a reader today, about her reaction to a scene in Willem, how she was prepared for what was to come, yet still started sobbing as the emotions took over. For me, tears are the highest form of praise. Not to mention therapeutic.
Release day it is, and now the characters are all yours. As an author I outline an imaginary world for you, and I set you off to wander about, but it is how your color it in your mind that determines how youll like the story. It is how you interact with the characters that will influence your impression of the story. Today, I humbly turn Willem, Hery, Stéphane, Magda, Bongani, Nosizwe and the others over to you. Be gentle, okay?
I look forward to meeting you in Munich, to exchange hugs (if that floats your boat), to chat about your impressions of this future world, and to discuss just how probable it is (or not.) Willem of the Tafel invites you to look at a potential future for humanity, and narrates an epic tale of survival, second chances, hope & undying love.
Welcome to my world,
Hans M Hirschi

Willem of the Tafel is available from my website, my publisher, Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, iTunes, ARE, as well as select book stores.


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