Review of Dancing Days by Clare London

Dancing Days
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The day Glen Carson loses his wallet is the day that changes his life. The wallet is returned by Aston Walsh, a man he hasn't seen for twenty years. He and Aston had a passionate and intense romance when they were in their late twenties, and Glen thought their love would last forever. But his dreams were horribly shattered by a shocking confession from Aston, and they parted for good—or so Glen assumed. Now, two decades later, they’ve lived many years apart, created new histories, and built successful lives. Yet the spark between them is still there. Aston wants a second chance with Glen, but Glen is more cautious this time around. He has to decide if Aston's regret is genuine, and if surrendering his heart to Aston again is worth the risk.

Glen and Aston was such a perfection reunion story, and you all know how much I love Clare's writing. I've not really read a book where the two main characters met up again after such a long time had passed. At first, finding out they weren't in that first flush of love in their twenties was disquieting. I normally gravitate to stories of young strapping men and first love, and this was different and completely charming. There was a bittersweet sadness to hear what drove them apart the first time and a perfect 'rightness' in them finding each other again. 

A gorgeous love story that should be read with a nice cuppa and no interuptions. 

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