Planning the shit out of 2016

I am a planner. Give me an Excel spreadsheet and I am like a pig in shit. Add in notebooks and diaries and I am in seventh heaven!

I have today sat and planned by 2016 writing. This has been impacted greatly by me inserting Texas 7, and by various emails and comments I see that make me consider what I might write next.

Some of the things that have been included:


A new series, Legacy, three books called Gabriel (#1), Kyle (#2), and Danny (#3). These are an ofshoot from my Texas series and are based around the three men who gave evidence at the trial of Hank Castille in Texas Fall. I couldn't leave these guys alone, they all want their own stories. Of course Riley and Jack make an appearance... Danny (#3) will be my Christmas 2016 book.


Montana 1, Crooked Tree Ranch, is back to me in November and will be re-released with a couple of added chapters and also a full re-edit. I am so excited about this - I have been carrying the story of book 2, The Rancher's Son, in my head for over two years now! There will also be a Montana 3, but the title is as yet undecided!


And then there is Sanctuary. I am in the middle of writing Sanctuary 8, Accidental Hero, and this is book 1 in a trilogy of books Sanctuary 8, 9 and 10). All three will be with you in 2016.


As will Deacon's Law. Poor DL got pushed back so many times for various reasons. As has Sixways Lane! Don't worry, both will be with you in 2016.

I realised I haven't left space for Bodyguards 6... mutters to self about slotting it in somewhere...

So the list in the general order that I plan to write and release is:


Texas Wedding (Texas 7)
Accidental Hero (Sanctuary 8)
Love's Design (Bodyguards 5)
Crooked Tree Ranch (Montana 1 - re-release)


The Rancher's son (Montana 2)
Untitled (Sanctuary 9)
Deacon's Law (Heroes 3 - last in the series)
Gabriel (Legacy #1)
Sixways Lane (English Hearts #2)
Untitled (Montana 3 - last in the series)

Untitled (Sanctuary 10)
Kyle (Legacy #2)
Untitled (Bodyguards 6 - last in the series)
Danny (Legacy #3)

I really hope I have covered everyones favourite series books... I don't think I have any room to slot any more in! ROFL...

And don't even get me started on slotting in the co-authoring!



  1. Woo Hoo! I like what I just read. Thx for the update and great books to read. :)

  2. So Much! Love it! I didn't see "How Much for the Whole Night". Poor Josh out there, broken hearted, alone, threatened with the loss of his child. Will he ever get his HEA? Alas we may never sad. :'( The future is looking bright for my shoulder it won't have to carry around all that money in 2016. Happy Writing.

  3. Just worked out with my financial planner which investments mature so that I can buy them all!

  4. Thanks for the book update. I'm so looking forward to revisiting Riley & Jack. Can't wait for all these books - my 2016 book orders are now planned lol