Newsletter settings & news about Legacy

Hi guys... I am using a new newsletter system and there is a new sign up. Instead of me just putting you all over without asking I thought that you might like to choose to sign up again.

Meanwhile if you signed up to receive posts as they are put up I will slowly be withdrawing that so you don't get a million posts all in one go... LOL

I will also be changing the way I run competitions for my subscribers, and also every so often, I will be sending out content that won't necessarily appear on the website, like sneak peaks, cover art, competitions and even polls on things like what book do you want next and so on.

The box and button thingy is over there... *points to the right and adds a helpful picture just in case... (sorry for the blurry pic, not sure why it looks so *naff*)

In other news...

Meredith is just about to start work on the covers for the Legacy Series... watch this space for more news...

Hugs and Kisses...


PS, if you read MF as well you may want to sign up for the separate newsletter over at


  1. No box to right .. so this is my email address ...

  2. Since I'm on my phone, no box

  3. So when I fill out the box to the right, the confirmation email I'm getting says for Rozenn Scott. Is it because I'm signing up with a new email address? Is it just me?

    1. My bad... I need to change the settings, you are signed up for RJ :) XXXX

  4. No box for me either. Lol
    Love you RJ Scott

  5. On the phone
    Please Add me