Out Now: Valentine Delights

Valentine Delights

Release date: 12th February 2016

Love Lane Books presents Valentine Delights, a collection of short stories celebrating love. It will be available free from All Romance eBooks.

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Something Beginning With 'V ' by Alex Jane

Spending the night stuck in the executive elevator with Elliot, his assistant, wasn’t exactly how Daniel had imagined celebrating February 14th.

Still, it could have been worse.

He could have been in love with Elliot for the past two years.

Oh, wait…


Up in the Air by George Loveland

Flight Attendant Daniel thought that he was just swapping his flight to save his friend’s job. What he didn’t expect was that fate had other ideas, and he would find himself falling for the blue eyed passenger sitting in 14D.


Cupid's Spark by Jenny Blackburn

On call techie, Brady, doesn't hesitate to leave his group's annual Valentine gaming weekend for an out-of-hours job helping hot University student, Dale, with computer issues. A broken computer, he can handle. How will he handle a broken heart when the guy he has been crushing on seems to be hot for someone else?


Wings of Love by A Russo

The smallest, newest angel longs to earn his name and his halo and impress Zaphiel, the leader of the cherubs, by performing an amazing feat. Disappointed to be given a job as a Valentine’s Day cherub, he soon learns that sometimes the smallest battles make the biggest difference.


Cupid in a Stroller by Avery Duran

When candy store owner Reese Thornton needs a break from the Valentine’s Day rush, a walk seems like a good idea. His day appears to pick up when he sees the man of his dreams pushing a cat in a stroller. Unfortunately, Reese does not have a working brain-to-mouth filter, and Mr. Right finds Reese to be Mr. Wrong. When their paths cross again, will he be able to hold onto Gideon, or will Cupid’s arrow miss them both?


It Feels Like... by Jenny Blackburn

Sharing a table and witty banter with a sexy stranger in a crowded cafe could be the jump start Ben's love life needs. Jesse ticks all his 'dream man' attributes, but sensible Ben refuses to risk his heart without careful consideration and vetting from trusted acquaintances. Jesse seems determined to change Ben's mind and maybe his secret will tip the balance in his favour...


Smack Happy by Clare London

(a With A Kick short)

Phiz can’t always control his hyperactivity and propensity for chaos. But he no longer has to feel marginalised because of it, not now he has Bryan for a friend and lover. Bryan’s calm, ordered attitude is the perfect foil for Phiz: and Bryan’s private desire for kink is just what Phiz needs to keep him grounded. This Valentine’s Day, Phiz wants to give Bryan a special gift, but Bryan can’t be tempted away from his work. At least, not until he opens Phiz’s gift and realises love means… taking time away to play.


Sauce for the Goose by Charlie Cochrane

(a Cambridge Fellows Mystery)

Think Agatha Christie meets Oscar Wilde.

If the men of St. Bride’s College knew what Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith got up to behind closed doors, the scandal would rock early-20th-century Cambridge to its core. But the truth is, when they’re not busy teaching literature and mathematics, the most daring thing about them isn’t their love for each other—it’s their hobby of amateur sleuthing.

Because wherever Jonty and Orlando go, trouble seems to find them. Sunny, genial Jonty and prickly, taciturn Orlando may seem like opposites. But their balance serves them well as they sift through clues to crimes, and sort through their own emotions to grow closer. But at the end of the day, they always find the truth . . . and their way home together.


Close Your Eyes by Sue Brown

Jacob spends his Valentine’s Day with memories of his dead lover, until one rainy day Daniel skids into his life. Daniel offers Jacob the chance to live again, but is Jacob brave enough to close his eyes and risk his heart?


The Heart Outside by RJ Scott

Set four years after the end of Texas Wedding, the boys escape on Valentine’s for a night in a hotel, where Jack has a present for Riley that will stay with both of them forever.

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  1. Nice little short RJ; although, any story with Jack and Riley needs to be long, really long. LOL! ;)