The Ex Factor - Blog tour, new reviews

Xtreme Delusions 5/5 - A big hunk of a bodyguard has a very sensitive side 

This book took me through all kinds of emotions. It was so hard to read about the abuse that Daniel suffered but it was also inspiring to read how he overcame an addition to OTC drugs and managed to keep his singing career going. Ben was so patient and loving with Daniel, even before they have any kind of real relationship going; I just wanted to grab him and hug him.

Making it Happen - 4.5/5 The Ex-Factor delivers plenty of tension and suspense

 As with the first book, The Ex-Factor delivers plenty of tension and suspense while completing wrapping you up in the story...I really did not want to put it down. Daniel was so sweet and vulnerable, and this quote from Ben's POV really sums it up: This man who had literally barreled into Ben's life was so beautiful, his rocker's heart open to love. How could anyone hurt him?
I really loved the book, and if you're a fan of M/M romantic suspense, you're going to love Daniel and Ben's story too. 4.5 stars for The Ex-Factor, and I definitely recommend this for M/M romance fan...

Bookaholics not so anonymous  - RJ Scott's writing has been consistently on-point and her characters entertaining. 4.5 stars for The Ex Factor.

I liked the series starter, Bodyguard to a Sex God, but I loved The Ex Factor! ... Aside from what was happening between Ben and Daniel, I also liked that Daniel's relationship with his parents was an important part of the overall story. They were not just understanding but had been consistently supportive of their son for years. 

United Indie Book Blog 4/5 This series is turning out to be one of my favorite series and it makes me want my own hot bodyguard. 

This book deals with some serious issues like addictive behavior and abusive relationships. Daniel definitely spoke to me because as much as he wanted to change it took Ben to see him as someone special that he begins to see himself as worth it. Watching Daniels and Bens growth and their relationship throughout the story makes this story such a good read. Their relationship through the good and the bad and finding that balance to grow together.

Bayou Book Junkie 4.5/5 - I absolutely adored this story.

I found it realistic and heart-wrenching, I felt so bad for all Daniel had to go through and his reactions before and after he was 'rescued' were spot-on, in my opinion.

Foxylutely Books 4.25/5 - an extremely enjoyable m/m romance read and I am glad I have found this author to read more of. 

I am really loving this series and the author’s writing style. I love that these stories are not insta-love and are developed over time. I like how the secondary characters of family and friends are an intricate part of the story and at times take centre stage with the main characters.

Southern Babes Book Blog 4/5 - Can I get more of Daniel and Ben?

This was a beautiful sweet story, with some mess's along the way. I cant wait to read more about the men from Bodyguards Inc. An hopefully Ross can find his stapler lol.

Busy Bumblebee Book Reviews 4/5 And even though these books may not be my normal genre this author has made me enjoy these books. 

 Again I thought this book was a great continuation of the bodyguard series. The author does a great job when pulling emotions from these books. And even though these books may not be my normal genre this author has made me enjoy these books. ... I'm giving this book 4 stars out of 5!!!!

Jen's Corner Spot 4/5 
I have got to say that this author really puts a lot of thought into his characters and as I have already said before, I am in love with most of them lol. This was a great story and I'm rating it in at 4 stars!!!

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  1. Oh this ticks all of my "read this instant" boxes: musicians, addictions, and bodyguards. Sigh.