Reviews for Ice

With millions in diamonds at stake, can Jon make Greg see that some things are not worth dying for?

Footloose adventurer Greg Drakowski used to live for the moment but these days shadows of grief and guilt cling to him. Recklessly following one lead to the next, Greg crosses oceans at the very hint of treasure, and doesn’t care that he rushes into danger.

This time his quarry is a cache of diamonds, hidden away decades ago. When the clues bring him to the  ancient city of Salisbury, he knows he’s close to success.

Renovations expert Jonathan Ellis is part of Ageless Wood Restorations - three generations of knowledge and trade. Focused and hard-working, Jon finds value in recreating the elegance of the past with his own hands, and it will take something - or someone - extraordinary to break into his enclosed world.

When Greg drops into Jon's lap he finds it impossible to refuse him. Even when the bad guy appears and Jon isn't sure whom he can trust, he knows he has to stand by Greg, if only to save the idiot from himself.

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The Way She Reads It is shortish, it is fast and it is breathtakingly furious at times.
The writing in this book is faultless and a delight to read, and the balance between tension-filled and more relaxed scenes was spot on.

Rainbow Books Reviews Jon and Greg’s story certainly had me turning the pages as quickly as possible.

If you like suspenseful stories about adventurers who face life-changing decisions, if you want to see two men with trust and family issues learn how to rely on each other, and if you’re looking for a read full of tension, mystery, and beautiful moments of tender love, then you will probably like this novella as much as I do.

Multitasking Mommas 4.5/5  It is entertaining, truly romantic and different in a great way.

Three personalities in one compact, hunky body can be just about this reader can take.

Prism Book Alliance 4.25/5 This story starts off with a bang, literally.

I really wanted these guys to be happy, and to find a way to make their unusual circumstances not destroy their chance to be together.

Joyfully Jay 4.5/5   These guys definitely worked together, and when they got to their HEA I believed it.

Ultimately, this was a really good read. Some mystery, intrigue, and danger interlaced with two broken men finally finding love. Well written and well-paced, Ice is a book I have no trouble recommending.

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