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ARe are bloody idiots

So, by now you may have heard that All Romance has spent author money and closed it's doors. I'm not at all surprised by this turn of events...well, I mean, I am surprised that ARe is shutting, just not surprised that as usual authors are being treated like idiots, and that their money is being spent from under them.

All of my books at ARe are now inactive - well the ones I have control over anyway. The Stanford Creek series and Alpha, Delta, are still available out there, and still selling, but I have issued take down notices on them. If you see them, then they aren't my copies and I won't see a penny.

This has happened to me before on a much grander scale, but it does make me want to collect all my books back under my control, hence the list below of books expiring and coming back to me, or in the case of the ARe books, being forcefully wrenched back.

If you see a buy link on this site for ARe, just ignore it, it won't work anyway, but we are working on getting them removed. *hugs Rachel*.

I am gutted, and so angry you wouldn't believe, but I want to write my way through this like I did Silver... watch this space. I have no generosity of spirit for the fuckwits at ARe. I repeat again, they spent MY money (and others as well, all author money), as it wasn't ringfenced. This story is getting old.

Thank you for the kind emails and messages of support. I'm okay, I promise you.

We'll all be okay, we just need to rethink everything...


I have RJ Scott books I bought at ARe and I can't download them now, what do I do?

Take a screen print of your pages in your account and send it to and Rachel will replace them free for you.

Re-issued books - oh yes, I want them all back, my preciouses...

So, in summary, the following books will be coming back to me from publishers in 2017/18 and ALL will be back out, with added content and new covers as soon as I can get them done - and as soon as poor Meredith Russell gets covers done for them all ... (Having said that I already have gorgeous covers for Stanford Creek 1 and 2)

January 2017
The New Wolf (MM)
Notes and Roses (MF) (Stanford Creek 1)
Love and Hope (MF) (Stanford Creek 2)
Snow and Secrets (MM) (Stanford Creek 3)
Alpha, Delta (MM)

March 2017
Moments (MM)

April 2017
The Fireman and the Cop (MM) (Ellery 1)
The Teacher and the Soldier (MM) (Ellery 2)
The Actor and the Carpenter (MM) (Ellery 3)

May 2017
Back Home (MM)

January 2018
The Vampire Contract (Kingdom 1)
The Guilty Werewolf (Kingdom 2)
The Warlock's Secret (Kingdom 3)
The Demon's Blood (Kingdom 4)
The Incubus Agenda (Kingdom 5)
The Third Kingdom (Kingdom 6)

Other 2018
Seth & Casey


  1. As one of your loyal UK readers, where will I be able to get your books with ARE gone, since Love Lane won't sell to me, I don't have a Kobo device and my Tablet preferred book reading app uses epub files

    1. I am currently looking into all of this. I will get back to you, meanwhile if you need anything in epub you can email me. Or you could go direct to Smashwords. :)

    2. I have used Smashwords, though for some bizarre reason, everytime I buy a book from there it comes without the cover, since the cover is a beautiful and integral lead in to the book, I find that puzzling and a bit frustrating. I bought the Road to Frosty Hollow through ARE and that didn't have a cover either, says its a Smashwords edition (the pdf versions)

      Stay strong, I love your stories, give a middle finger to those that would try to destroy the beauty of your worlds and your writings, I lost $486 worth of credit with the ARE farce, I know it is a drop in the ocean compared to the rip off done to the authors

  2. It is so depressing. I still have $15.80 on account. I would rather you had it than them.

    1. I'm so sorry you're losing out hun, and thank you for the kind words XXXXX