🎧It's All About The Audio 🎧 - The Heart Of Texas - Narrated by Sean Crisden

It's all about Texas this week with Texas Gift (Texas #8) out in just 9 days. For our first "It's all about the audio" post we're focusing on The Heart of Texas (Texas #1).

The Book

Riley Hayes, the playboy of the Hayes family, is a young man who seems to have it all: money, a career he loves, and his pick of beautiful women. His father, CEO of HayesOil, passes control of the corporation to his two sons; but a stipulation is attached to Riley's portion. Concerned about Riley's lack of maturity, his father requires that Riley 'marry and stay married for one year to someone he loves'.

Angered by the requirement, Riley seeks a means of fulfilling his father's stipulation. Blackmailing Jack Campbell into marrying him "for love" suits Riley's purpose. There is no mention in his father's documents that the marriage had to be with a woman and Jack Campbell is the son of Riley Senior's arch rival. Win win.

Riley marries Jack and abruptly his entire world is turned inside out. Riley hadn't counted on the fact that Jack Campbell, quiet and unassuming rancher, is a force of nature in his own right.

This is a story of murder, deceit, the struggle for power, lust and love, the sprawling life of a rancher and the whirlwind existence of a playboy. But under and through it all, as Riley learns over the months, this is a tale about family and everything that that word means.

Narrator Bio

Sean Crisden is a multitalented actor and an AudioFileEarphones Award–winning narrator who has recorded audiobooks in almost every genre, from science fiction to romance. He has also voiced characters in numerous video games, such as the award-winning ShadowGun, and appeared in many commercials and films, including The Last Airbender. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sean now resides in Phoenix, Arizona.


"The Heart of Texas certainly struck a chord with my own Texas heart. This romance has it all: enemies to lovers, a murder mystery, a dysfunctional oil-rich family, and so much more.Jack is the middle son of a good family that has been wronged almost to bankruptcy. The Campbells have a history with the Hayes that is not good, but they are hanging on by their fingernails to their horse ranch. There is a lot to uncover in a past generation but it is all shrouded in secrets, dirty abuse of power, and so much hate.

The plot is layered with good and evil, secrets and lies, on the way to several HEAs. Loved it and couldn’t put it down.

I read the e-book and later listened to the audiobook version. Sean Crisden is a masterful narrator and brought every character to life with great individuality." Becky - USA Today

"If you like the forced marriage trope, coupled with high drama, family politics, old feuds, murder mysteries, lots of plot twists and turns, and really entertaining narration then look no farther - The Heart of Texas has it all!

This is the quintessential feuding families high drama soap opera story. It's absolutely scandalous!

Sean Crisden is absolutely wonderful! He brings Jack's Texas drawl and growling tones, and Riley's upper crust and more subtle tones, to life as well as doing a great job with the various feminine voices of the story. I enjoyed his timing, pacing, and the way he navigated the different dramatics of the material.

Sean Crisden’s honeyed and mellifluous tones kept me entertained, involved, and waiting for the next dramatic moment." - Audible User

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  1. This lands in my pile of Go-To-Books/Audios that I can read and listen to again and again without going bored.
    If you have not read it yet...rUN to the shop online and buy it..and ENJOY it.

    thanks Rj for a fantastic series. <3