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The Things That Dreams Are Made Of can be found...

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Jason Craig is 28 and has just lost his older brother, Andrew, to cancer. Jason is left with two things; a broken heart and a list of what his brother wishes he had seen or done before he died.

There are only five things on the list and Jason promises Andrew to cross every single one off as completed.

Before he can start on the list though he has to keep one other promise. To track down Andrew's best friend from school, Mark Wesley.

And then, just like Andrew wanted, he has to persuade Mark to help him tick off the five items.


Also I have a free read for the Hot Days of Summer challenge at Goodreads - DADT themed. Here


  1. I just finished this story and I loved Daniel and Christian. Thanks so much for the free story!

  2. The cover for The things Dreams are made of looks great and the story is awesome. Thanks so much =D


  3. I really love The Things That Dreams Are Made Of. I only see chapters 1-4 here. Where can I find/buy the rest of the story from?

    1. I am so sorry... things conspired and there is a delay in getting more chaps to you... I am so sorry... watch this space for more information... X