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Still Waters 4.5/5 - Along with a taut, action-packed mystery that continues to provide just enough twists and turns to keep the reader wanting to know more, Still Waters, is also a novel about healing, restoration of trust, and the strength of forgiveness. This was, in the end, a beautiful love story.

Face Value 4/5 - In the end, their relationship had just about started, but I still had a feeling that Kayden and Beckett were well on their way to build a solid foundation for a lifetime together.

The Only Easy Day 3.75/5 - This was a fast-paced, gripping read with lots of action, of the fighting as well as of the man-on-man kind

All The King’s Men 3/5

The Heart of Texas 4/5 - In the end, I think that this book will appeal to many readers, and certainly has so far. It seems to be drawing a lot of passionate responses from readers and reviewers alike, both in high praise and in dissapointment. If it sounds like something you’d like, with lots of drama and angst, villains and secrets, secret pregnancies and more, then by all means, read The Heart of Texas and find out which side of the fence you come out on. Recommended.

Moments 4.25/5 - Definitely recommended to those who like angst, Hollywood/fame love stories, and/or rehab or substance abuse issues in their reads. Last, but definitely not least, there was a lot of diversity in the sex between Jacob and Ethan (by that I mean that the sex meant different things each time, not ‘physical’ diversity) and all of it was well-written and served as a catalyst for the story. Enjoy!

Kian - 4/5

The Christmas Throwaway 4.5/5 - The Christmas Throwaway touched me, not because Zach was homeless at 17 and had been thrown out of his home by his father one week before Christmas, but his character was so vulnerable and innocent that it would take a much harder heart than mine to resist him. However, this book is a dichotomy. It’s so sweet in some parts but quite harsh and realistic in others. Two years after they met the ending was everything I could have hoped for. There issex but it’s not at the level that some readers are accustomed to, however I would urge you to read Zach’s and Ben’s beautiful story. Definitely recommended.

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