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Texas Winter  - rated 4.5/5 and a 'Night Owl Top Pick Review' 

I found myself really enjoying Texas Winter - from the characters to the plot to how they intertwined to bring together a well-rounded read ... Wonderful read.

The Only Easy Day - rated 4/5

I enjoyed reading The Only Easy Day because of the characters, the pacing, and the story.

Broken Memories (written with Diane Adams) rated 4/5

I liked quite a bit about this story - the writing style, the characters, the pace, and the ending. What I enjoyed about the story's characters is how their personalities intertwined.

Guarding Morgan A Sanctuary Story - rated 4.5/5 and a 'Night Owl Top Pick Review' 

I liked the premise of not only the story, but of Sanctuary as well. I found the characters likable and I liked that they were not one-dimensional. Morgan has a cubicle job and doesn't like to cause waves, but is stronger - physically and emotionally - than he appears to be and that comes out as the story progresses. Nik may, to all appearances, be "all about the job" and may not know the meaning of the word "quit", but he has his vulnerable side as well.

Back Home rated 4.5/5

One would have to be living under a rock not to recognize the name RJ Scott. Although she is new to the writing scene, relatively new that is, she has produced a large, yet quality, mass of writing. This is the second of her books I have had the pleasure of reading. The first being Kian: The Fire Trilogy #1. angst-filled plot line. While there is certainly a driving story line behind the main characters which pushes the story forward, the bulk of attentionis spent on our two heroes, Kieran Addison and Jordan Salter.

What I loved about this book was how Ms. Scott took her time to flesh out each character, what made them tick, their internal struggles. With each action and reaction, I felt as if I was there, with the character, feeling their frustrations, nervousness, elation. The way Jordan and Kieran slowly danced around one another, slowly closing in, until finally the ice was broken and they expressed their feelings for each other was equisite pain/pleasure.


The emotions were also brilliantly drawn out. Darach begins his journey struggling against his feelings for Ceithin, but through artful uncovering of thoughts, feelings, and processing, we can truly believe Darach has transformed by the end of the story.


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