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I have had some wonderful reviews from Queer Magazine Online... many thanks guys... xxxx

Still Waters (Sanctuary, #4) If you prefer your men strong and independent, and if you want to know 'who did what' in this case, you will probably devour and like this book as much as I did.

Face Value (Sanctuary, #3) The focus of this story is definitely the crime investigation and Beckett's growing realization of what really happened seventeen years ago.

The Only Easy Day (Sanctuary, #2) - This book has thriller, mystery, and a high-tension character study all balled into one, and kept me on the edge of my seat. The links to Guarding Morgan, the first book in the series, were fascinating, and the overarching mystery as to why Elisabeth was killed moved a little closer to being solved. Not too close, though, there is plenty left for the next few books.

Jesse's Christmas - This is a wonderful story which made me smile and re-appreciate the meaning of Christmas ... the gradual thawing of his heart as he meets and gets to know Gabriel is the perfect setup for a heart-warming story. it is an interesting variation on the Christmas grinch storyline.

Guarding Morgan (Sanctuary, #1) - If you like stories about strong bodyguards taking charge, men who know what they want and learn to stick together, and want some tension in your romance, don't miss this book!

Deefur Dog - This is a wonderful love story which portrays that a nontraditional family has the same joys, sorrow, problems, angst, and love as any other family and does it extraordinarily well. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a wonderful, emotional love story with a happy ending.

Back Home - Back Home is a really touching story that showed me the power of communication. When I started reading this story, I started having an idea about what I thought the story is about and by the end, it was a completely different picture. I love how RJ has taken on such a complex subject matter and turned it on its ear, smoothly incorporating family opinions and history to build tension and drama. Written in a contemporary style, if you enjoy drama, or family style stories, this is for you.

The Christmas Throwaway - ‘The Christmas Throwaway' is a charming, heartwarming love story about second chances, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of a loving, supportive family. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone in the mood for a sweet story which will not only leave you feeling good, but will also remind you to count your blessings.

The Heart of Texas - There are so many levels to this story, which is wonderfully lengthy in a luscious way. I feel I could read this book over just to pick up on all the little things I missed the first time around. For anyone who enjoys stories about men who just needed the right man to knock them over the gay fence, who enjoys stories that contain more than one romance or couple finding their happy ending, or for anyone who likes a bit of juicy family drama, this story, written in a contemporary style, is just the thing.

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