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Book of Secrets - If you like mystery and intrigue in your romances, if you enjoy a plotline that will reveal as many secrets as offer new ones to ponder, and if you want to know how Alex and Luke are faring, then you will probably enjoy this books as much as I did.

The Carpenter and the Actor - I recommend this story to Ellery Mountain fans and to new readers as well who enjoy a strong, romantic story with descriptive, realistic characters who quickly get under your skin and in your heart. Thanks, RJ, for another great story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

Bodyguard to a Sex God - Besides the main theme, there's a lot going on in this mystery-love story, including “when one door closes another opens”; "truthfulness is the best policy", and "love will always find a way"; and more. Each sub-plot is interesting in its own right and they are all tied up nicely in a satisfactory conclusion. I'd recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a fast-paced, intriguing love story with a very happy ending. Thanks, RJ, for an enjoyable, hot romance with more than one twist.

New York Christmas - This is a great Christmas story, from the slow build of a romantic relationship that is long overdue, through some very angsty territory, all the way to lives being threatened, and a perfectly adorable ending. And even though Christmas isn’t really at the heart of the story, Chris and Daniel's love is the focus, it is a perfect example of the Christmas spirit. Of course, the setting of New York in December and January may have something to do with it. Two of my favorite scenes ere the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller center and the two guys going ice skating. The latter was hilarious!

The Decisions We Make - If you like angst-y stories, if the task of growing up in today's world baffles you but you’re curious about the way kids deal with it, and if you think you can survive one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride, then give this book a chance. I don’t think you'll regret it- I certainly didn’t!

Jesse's Christmas - This is a wonderful story which made me smile and re-appreciate the meaning of Christmas. I loved reading about Jesse, who is totally disillusioned. Christmas is ruined for him, and while it isn't clear, at first, exactly what happened, the gradual revealing of his reasons added a nice extra layer to the story. Equally, the gradual thawing of his heart as he meets and gets to know Gabriel is the perfect setup for a heartwarming story. It is an interesting variation on the Christmas grinch storyline.

Deefur Dog - This is a wonderful love story which portrays that a nontraditional family has the same joys, sorrow, problems, angst, and love as any other family and does it extraordinarily well. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a wonderful, emotional love story with a happy ending.

Back Home - Back Home is a really touching story that showed me the power of communication. When I started reading this story, I started having an idea about what I thought the story is about and by the end, it was a completely different picture. I love how RJ has taken on such a complex subject matter and turned it on its ear, smoothly incorporating family opinions and history to build tension and drama. Written in a contemporary style, if you enjoy drama, or family style stories, this is for you.

The Christmas Throwaway - The Christmas Throwaway' is a charming, heart-warming love story about second chances, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of a loving, supportive family. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone in the mood for a sweet story which will not only leave you feeling good, but will also remind you to count your blessings


The Heart Of Texas - If you’re up for a great time, if you like soap operas in written form, and if you want to see two families battle it out, no holds barred, then you will probably like this book as much as I did. This is truly a gay soap opera of the first degree!

Texas Winter - If you like family drama, enjoy two men adapting to having an eight-year-old daughter, and don’t mind the odd criminal poking in their nose to stir things up, then you will probably love this book as much as I did. It really is a great sequel – just make sure you read Heart of Texas first, you'll enjoy this second book a lot more if you do. Bring on number three, RJ!!!

Texas Heat - The third book in this series was as much fun to read as the first two, contained some great recurring characters, while adding a few new ones, and firmly launched this series (in my mind, at least) into "soap opera in written form" land. It was there before, but more because of the similarities to a certain TV series; now, it is firmly into creating a world and dynamic of its own. The addition of Eli and Robbie was a great addition of a new romance, and the returning secondary characters from the first two books gave me the feeling of "coming home".


Guarding Morgan - Both Morgan and Nik came alive and almost jumped off the pages for me. They were great together, even playful at times - despite the seriousness of their predicament. Nik's determination to keep Morgan safe was as clear as his love for Morgan.

The Only Easy Day - The two men spend most of the book in almost mortal opposition, snapping and yelling and attempting to out-macho each other. The underlying sexual attraction and tension just builds and builds, and when it comes to a head – well, satisfying the sparks fly is a pitiful understatement.

Face Value - Kayden is a doctor with a colorful background , to say the least. He is also a Sanctuary operative, and ends up having to protect Beckett. In typical macho fashion he spits and splutters, trying to get someone else assigned to the case, but, pretty quickly, he discovers having Beckett around is not so bad after all. His determination to protect Beckett against all threats, including the younger man’s exuberance, is great to watch.

Still Waters - Lee is a cold-hearted bastard - or so it seems. Of course, at first we only see him through Adam’s eyes and that is not a pretty picture. Slowly, as Lee’s point of view is added, the truth emerges and that picture begins to change. Yes, Lee probably made some mistakes, but Adam isn’t entirely innocent either. I thought it was fascinating how the pieces of the puzzle came together and how the way I thought about Lee gradually changed.

Full Circle - If you like stories with a lot of tension and mystery, if you prefer your men clever and ready for action, and if you want to know ‘who did what’ in this ongoing case, you will probably devour and like this book as much as I did.

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