Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words - Reviews

What I love most about these reviews is that they are detailed and  tell a potential reader what things to look out for in the stories. Very honest reviews...

Review of The Only Easy Day by R.J.Scott - What a great story! It has everything you could want in a action/adventure novel. Danger, murder, sexual heat, and intrigue as well as a monumental clash of personalities. Joseph Kinnon is absolutely realistic as a Navy Seal. He is patriotic, intense, beyond capable, and lonely. Dale MacIntyre is another wonderful creation. Haunted by a tragic event in his past, MacIntyre too is lonely, mistrustful, and envious of his colleagues who have found lasting relationships.

Review of Face Value, Sanctuary #3 by RJ Scott

Review of Still Waters (Sanctuary #4) by RJ Scott

Review of Full Circle (Sanctuary #5) by RJ Scott - Full Circle also brings to a close case of the Bullen crime family that started inGuarding Morgan. During the investigation into the Bullen family activities, several Sanctuary agents have been shot, evidence has been tampered with, people have vanished, each new lead taking them to new crimes and new accomplices until it ended with uncovering a FBI mole that had acted as liaison to Sanctuary in Clear Water, Sanctuary #4. Scott neatly ties together all the threads from each book into an ending deserving of such a convoluted investigation. I wanted to see the Bullens brought to justice and Scott delivered that in spades.

Review of Splintered Lies (In The Shadow of the Wolf #3) by Diane Adams and RJ Scott - With Rob, Sam, Doug, and Jamie to help, Nick and Joe set out to find the truth behind the torture, kidnapping and deaths of the shifters. Nick tries to keep his love for Joe quiet but working next to him in the investigation is unbelievably hard. And Joe is also finding that the love and lust he thought he had buried when he married Mara is coming back in full force. Will his guilt and love for his dead wife make any future with Nick impossible? And will the conspiracy to kill wolf shifters mean their deaths as well.

Review of Texas Heat (Texas #3) by RJ Scott - What I continue to appreciate with RJ Scott’s writing, no matter the series, is that even as our emotions are engaged with two couples at differing stages of their relationships, other events are swirling around the outskirts just waiting to come forward with a jump and a bang. Scott keeps juggling a number of plots in her story but never lets one drop. There are so many layers to appreciate and think about that when the end of the book comes the author has a structure in place for the next in the series without losing reader satisfaction with the current story.

Review of All The Kings Men by R.J. Scott

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