MM Good Book Reviews

Spirit Bear 4/5 - The characters in this story are incredibly written. Both Aiden and Mitchell are well-developed, bringing this story to life. We join them on a journey that takes us into the heart of a bear sanctuary with beautiful details and a burgeoning love. There is much to say about this story, but no way to really explain the incredible relationship that evolves between Mitchell and Aiden, or the emotional pressure that still plagues Aiden, or the ghosts that haunt him. It’s a story that you have to read for yourself.

I recommend that everyone who loves a great story, brilliant characters, emotional pressure, low self-esteem, finding the man who can bring out the best in you and an ending that makes you smile, read this story and enjoy.

Texas Heat by R. J. Scott 4/5 - I will recommend this to those who love sexy cowboys, hunky businessmen, horny photographers, cute kids, supportive family and a happy ending.

Love is in the title by RJ Scott - 4.5/5 - I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves jock/nerd love stories or just want to read a happy-go-lucky work of art. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Full Circle - 4/5 - So I highly recommend this if you like intrigue, a touch of action, adrenalin rushes, some really hot sex, guns, computers and a happy ending.

Face Value 4/5 - A great addition to the Sanctuary series so I recommend this to those who love mystery, suspense, a bit of action, some danger, a budding attraction/relationship and two stubborn men who strike sparks off each other.

Decisions We Make 5/5 - This book is not all flowers and kisses. Some really bad things happen that bears evidence to the fact that some folks are filled with bigotry and hate; folks who become the victims of a scorned young woman, bent on revenge. But, the “incident” did cause the boys secret out into the open. I really felt for Daniel. He would love to just love Jamie, but, he also worries that loving Jamie may bring rejection from the rest of the family.

The ending is great and I hope we get to see Jamie and Daniel as they head off to UCLA. As a mom, I closed this book knowing most teenage romances don’t last, but hoping that this one does. Highly recommend.

The Only Easy Day 4/5 - This isn’t a traditional relationship… they are not going to buy a little house with a picket fence, Joseph is going to still be gone a lot but Dale will be his port in the storm, this is a beginning for them and I don’t know why but I think that they still have another story in them. So I will recommend this to those who love danger, explosive car chases, hot sex, total alpha men, bloody rescues and a happy (for these men) ending.

Guarding Morgan 4/5 - The relationship between these two is hot and sparks fly. The progression is fast and the feelings come quickly. They seem well matched, but it isn’t easy for them. What with worrying about the case and being stuck in a remote cabin for two weeks. The danger is very realistic and wasn’t over the top. The storyline was brilliant and the plot kept you reading. It was smoothly written and there isn’t too much going on that you get lost. The sex is hot and sensual and made me want more of it… well you know see more of it… look, you know what I mean. Stop being so dirty minded.

Eoin 4/5 - I found this book brilliant. The way that Eoin takes responsibility because he doesn’t want any danger coming to his friends even though he hasn’t seen them in years is incredibly sweet. Trystyn is an extremely strong character who makes me wish this book was longer so we could get to know him better. There is a lot more action in this book as it wraps up everything so there are no loose ends and it is done brilliantly and the writing is smooth.

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