In The Writing Closet

Today I read a very interesting article by author Leta Blake. Entitled *Am I an ally if I'm in the closet about my writing* I read it and felt for every word she said.

You can read it *** HERE ***, and I would love if you went over and read it and commented. 

I think I am one of the lucky ones in this business we call MM writing. The first positive thing is that I live in a place where I guess, it is odder if you do attend church that if you don't. I don't know the statistics of belief in England but I am sure as a part of the UK we are probably the least church-going out of us, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

If I look at myself and my *real life* friend circle I have four non believers, one on the fence, one who attends church on special occasions and has a quiet faith, and one who is a Christadelphian and who attends church at least twice a week and has a life guided entirely by those beliefs. None of my friends judge me but they all say they are looking forward to when I write normal stuff they can read. (Although my two closest friends have both read a couple of my books).

I have a small extended family, but my mum and sister are very proud and loud supporters of what I do. Although I know they both skip the sex scenes, they enjoy the *stories* and the HEAs.

I am also very lucky that my daughter is older. My daughter writes and reads MM, she is at a school that is gay friendly, and her boyfriend's best friend is gay. She doesn't care what people say to her about what I do and she is proud of what I write. Although she has been asked WHY I write MM and how do I know how to write male/male sex. Hello, it's called research... bwahahahaha.

As for Matt, he just knows that writing as RJ Scott means we get to go on holiday this summer to see ceiling fans in new towns where we are staying in Wales. ROFL.

I have readers who come to me to tell me that they don't let their husbands/parters/friends/family know what they read. Because those important people in their lives will judge them for it. That saddens me, but I am also very practical and know this happens and why. Reading MM, which lets face it most people not in the know would assume is porn, may well be easier on Kindles, but there is still a stigma. This is despite the horrificness that was Fifty Shades Of Grey... which made reading Mummy-Porn acceptable.

So am I more of an ally than an author who has to keep quiet about what they write? I don't think so. There are reasons for what we do in life. We make decisions based on the situation we are in NOW. If my daughter was little and I was embroiled in the whole school-gate gossip chains, or I lived in the Bible Belt in the US, or in a country that outloawed homosexulaity, then would I be so honest? I don't think so.

Also, if I hadn't become successful, would I admit what I do? It's okay for RJ Scott to be honest with everyone, because hell, I have so many of you out there supporting me, family and friends who support me, my daughter is a young adult now, and I live in England. Those factors mean at this very moment I can tell everyone what I write.

Now connecting RJ Scott to my real name? That is another issue. Anyone with an ounce of Google-Fu can probably connect the two - my publishers know, Meredith knows, Amber knows... so many of my FB friends know...

I'm not hiding that part of me from all of YOU... I am giving myself that last barrier of privacy.

Wow, this is heavy for a Friday morning... but... hello, I am RJ Scott and I write MM romance with a happy ever after... so sue me.


  1. Yeah Live in the Bible belt. Grew up Catholic, Lutheran, and United Pentecostal and no we didn't play with snakes (shudders) or at least this is what my author's life was like. Hence Solaria who is free to be and advocate what ever she wants to on the internet. My author at home reads all your books and shares with one gay stepchild. 11 year old has no business in my books. Sweetie just asks "you reading smut again?" The reply is always yes. Most of her friends are still in the religious community. She doesn't announce her reading preferences. Her writing is unpublished fiction and answers to young people for The Trevor Project. These letters are very important to her. If she can help the self-esteem of one child or young adult or head a suicide off at the pass then it is worth the lectures and the preaching and being to told that she is just sending them to hell. Not all of her friends and family knows of her volunteer work or the fact that she started a church and became the pastor so she could perform marriages and same sex unions (same sex marriage isn't legal here yet). So she hides behind me. I can be out proud and supportive and she can live in the real world that surrounds her and an 11 year old. She very much believes in God. Any being who can speak worlds into existence has no need for hate. She attends Lakewood Church and takes her Nook that contains her bible and "smut books". She writes in the closet for The Trevor Project. Sorry didn't mean to write so much. I do know how Leta Blake feels I sympathize.

  2. Thank you, RJ! Your question regarding success/money is another one I've considered. It's interesting all the variables that play into these choices. If I didn't have to worry about how my writing would affect my employability because I made enough from writing alone, that would definitely take one more barrier away from being completely open. So many good insights have come out of this discussion. I'm really happy I made that post. :)