Christmas Countdown 2013 - 15 December

My favourite Christmas Music 4th of 10

Coming in at number 4 is a song that needs no explanation. This is an utterly perfect Christmas song and is likely at the top of many people's lists. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - Lennon. A song not just for our Forces, but for the people at home.

Today's featured Anthology Author is

AJ Henderson with her story Christmas Reunion

Eric hadn’t looked forward to Christmas so much in a long time. After living away from his family for several years, he was excited to be moving back home in time to spend the holidays with them. A surprise from his past turns an already amazing Christmas into one that he’ll never forget.

AJ Henderson's Special Christmas Memory

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is my annual day trip to Chicago with one of my best friends. There's nothing else quite like Michigan Avenue dressed up for the holidays.

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Mr RJ's Crap Joke Section

RJ.  She loves him...
Today I thought I would present you with something a little different.  Some good old English comedy with a Christmas theme courtesy of YouTube!  What bought it to mind is it features one of my all time favourite cracker jokes for its sheer stupidity and groan quality.

What is the fastest vegatable?
A runner bean

This video has become a bit of a family tradition around Christmas time when Mrs RJ, Daughter RJ and myself sit down to get ourselves in the Christmas spirit. I was lucky enough to find it on DVD a few years back. I orignally had it on VHS!!!!

It's called The Homemade Xmas Video and it stars Griff Rhys Jones and the late Mel Smith.  It focuses on a stereotypical lower class family living in England and the traditions that surround their Christmas. Shot exclusively on a Camcorder that were all so popular in the mid 80's it also stars a young Nigel Harman who later went on to star in Eastenders and in the last series of Downton Abbey.  See if you can spot him.  RJ thought he was a Sex God when he starred in Eastenders and I'm sure she would love to see him feature on one of her covers.
Nigel Harman in Downton Abbey

If you love Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones you will love this. If you like English comedy then I think you will enjoy.

So with no further ado:-

I'll post part 2 in a few days time :).

Finally a few more jokes and a quick mention to garnetyuna who posted in the comments.  Thank you for your great comment and RJ and I are always in awe of people who can speak more than one language. Glad you enjoy the jokes and as Lord of The Rings fans we loved the Boromir line although we need daughter Briony's boyfriend Tom to say it.  Has a very deep voice :).

Why was Tigger’s head in the toilet?
He was looking for pooh!

What do you call a woman sitting in a bath of Martini?

How do hedgehogs make love?
Very carefully.

Why did the hedgehog cross the road?
To see his flatmate!

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  1. Nigel Harman, huh? Niiiiiiiccccceeee.

  2. Pfft, the Tigger's joke was the funniest! XD

  3. Love British comedies, don't know what I would do without PBS and BBCA. I used to get my fix from CBC when I lived in Montana and we got a station from Lethbridge. Flatmate! "snort"

    What do you get when an elephant sky dives?
    A big hole.

    What is big and grey with horns?
    An elephant marching band

    There were two elephants under one umbrella, why didn't they get wet?
    It wasn't raining.

    1. OMG... those jokes... ROFL... passes them to Mr Rj... ROFL