Christmas Countdown 2013 - 16 December

New York Christmas.

Originally written as weekly blog story, I took this concept and rewrote it as a book for Christmas 2012.  Alongside Worlds Collide it was my first foray into real self publishing and Love Lane Books was born.

The story of Chris and Daniel is set against New York City and follows as they reconnect after many years apart.  With a visit to the NYPD museum, a skate in Central Park and the lighting of the tree, this is my idea of perfect city Christmas.  Throw in a hostage situation, a shooting and predujice against one of the characters and New York Christmas suddenly becomes more than  falling in love.

What could be more romantic than unrealised young love finally being realised against the backdrop of Christmas in New York?

Today's featured Anthology Author is

Tom Alexander with his story Ivy Park

On the twenty first of December, Mark Cooper was making his way through Ivy Park for another day at work, when he came across a body washed up on the river bank.

After pulling the body to safety and finding the unconscious man was still alive, Mark thought his job was done.

But little did Mark know, that was just the beginning, and that he would end up playing a greater role in the unknown man’s life than he ever thought possible.

Tom's Special Christmas Memory

For me, Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the year that has gone by, to enjoy and give thanks for one another ...... and to eat lots and lots without feeling guilty!!!

Info on Tom Alexander

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