Christmas Countdown 2013 - 24 December

The clock has ticked over to Christmas Eve in England and I am sure that we will be going to bed VERY late tonight depending on when our son goes to sleep...

This post is my thank you post. I would love to name every single person who has touched my life this year but I can't because I will miss someone out and I want you all to know that I love every single thing that people have commented on, or sent me, or reviewed.

Thank you then, to the usual suspects.

There are a few people I have depended on this year far more than they deserved, and for them I give a special thank you.

For Meredith, and her gorgeous artwork. Meredith rocks, and I love her big time. Squishes.

For Chris Quinton, who is just *there* always. For her unfailing support... hugs...

For Amber. Together we have had the weirdest year with the lowest lows and the highest highs, and I will never forget the absolute support I had this year from you. Divas rule.

For Erika, my editor and one of the nicest people I can be horrible to. Thank you for making this weird Brit look good. And to Stacia my minion who proofs my scribbles.

To my Brit girls... Sue Brown, Meredith, SA Meade, Chris Q, Kay Berrisford... xxx

For eXtasy and Totally Bound who said yes when I subbed to them. Thank you. Angela and Emmy, your covers rock, Stacey, Jay, Tina, Nicky... you all rock.

For BitterGrace and her beautiful covers for the Sanctuary series and for making me NY Christmas and Throwaway. Thank you.

Lastly for Mr Rj, who works damn hard to make me look efficient... love you babe xxxx

Mr RJ's Last Crap Joke Section

So here we have the final selection of crap jokes for you. Now before we get down to business, I will take a minute to let you know how the competition will run over the next few days.

Today we have a special prize of Building The Pack signed by Amber Kell, Stephani Hecht and RJ. This is a pretty rare prize and was signed by all three at Gay Rom Lit this year.  So RJ and I can take a break, we will leave this competition running until 11:00AM GMT Christmas Day.  You can only enter once, but this will give people who haven't entered the chance to join the competition.  We will annouce the winner for this and the five main prizes on the 27th December.  Good luck to everyone who enters.

Now, back to the section.  Firstly, a few posted by my sidekick Nancy :-

What is invisible and smells like milk and cookies?
Santa's burps (this was courtesy of my grandson)

What do you call a snowman in the summer?
A puddle

Why did the candy cane cross the road?
It wanted to get a licking

What did the monkey sing on Christmas day?
Jungle bells, jungle bells

What do One Direction and my Christmas tree have in common?
They both have ornamental balls.

What does Santa bring all the naughty boys and girls?
A pack of batteries with the disclaimer of "toys not included" on the package.

Why did the snowman have a smile on his face?
The snowblower was coming down the block

How many letters are there in the alphabet?
25, because the Angel said 'Noel'

and finally, a last selection from me. These were hard to find after 23 days of jokes!!!

I came home to find someone had smashed my doors in and everything had gone. 
What kind of person does something like that to an advent calendar? 

My dad used to work in a tiddlywink factory. But he didn’t like it. He said it was counter productive. 

What does the Queen do when she burps? 
She issues a royal pardon.

Last Christmas someone stole my present. I’ve spent this year living in the past! 

Why is a foot a good Christmas present?
It makes a great stocking filler

What do you call a chicken in a shell suit?
An egg

Why are graveyards so noisy?
Because of all the coffin.

Why did the nurse tiptoe past the medicine cabinet?
She didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills.

What do Santa's elves do after school?
Their gnomework! 

How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?
Nothing, it was on the house.

What did the big candle say to the little candle?
Im going out tonight

So there we have it.  Thank you again to everyone who provided jokes and encouragement. I apologise unreservedly to your poor partners and leave them in knowledge that this is finally over.  Of course RJ and I will be pulling crackers on Christmas Day, so if I find any funny ones, I'll let you all know :).

The Twenty Five Days of Christmas Competition

For the master post explaining prizes, etc, visit Competition and prizes for the twenty five days of Christmas. Don't forget every entry you make counts towards the grand prize on 25 December. So if you enter every day, you will have 24 chances for to win..

Today enter the competition to win Building the Pack signed by Amber Kell, Stephani Hecht, RJ Scott and a RJ Pen.

Good Luck!!!!!


  1. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you Marla... and to you and yours... XXXXX

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you!
    **big hugs** and lots of love!

  3. Merry Christmas to you all, enjoy!

    1. Merry Christmas to you too... Hugs RJ XXXXX

  4. Merry Christmas from Texas. :)

    1. Merry Christmas from just outside London... :)

      Hugs Rj x

  5. Merry Christmas RJ, to you and yours. Stay safe and warm this holiday season. And this greeting comes to you from San Diego, where it's currently 75 degrees, sunny and beach weather.

    1. Hey Laurie... *hugs* Hope you had a good one... :)XXXXXX

      I want SNOW! X

  6. Thank you for the competition and for the jokes. I wish they were easy to translate to Hungarian, though. Merry Christmas!

    1. :( glad you enjoyed them though... :) XXXXX

  7. Merry Christmas to everyone!! This was fun. ;)

  8. I come to you from Oklahoma where the ice is finally melting leaving lots of tree limbs littering the ground. Thank you for a fun break in my dreary days. Cool, I've never been a sidekick before, I think I like it.

    My new years resolution in 1080p.

    This year I will resolve to be less awesome as that is the only thing I do in excess.

    Many things can be preserved in alcohol this New Years, dignity is not one of them.

    What's the problem with jogging on New Years Eve?
    The ice falls out of your drink.
    Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

    1. Thank YOU Nancy for your help! You're welcome to stay on as a sidekick...


  9. I am more of a lurker than a poster (that and the fact I only just found the comments section oops *blush*), but I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas

    1. awwww, thank you hun... hugs and happy christmas to you as well.... :) XXXXX