Looking back... and looking forward...

To the left is my absolute favourite inspirational poster of 2013... I love this so much and it makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME I read it... ROFL

So, onwards to the review...

2013 for me was a year spent re-establishing my writing and branching out to new publishers and to self publishing with Love Lane Books. It was very much a year of two halves with the time up until June spent writing until smoke came off my fingers in order to get my head around getting all my books back from an old publisher. 

In all 27 books came back to me and were re-issued with new edits & new cover art. All but two of them were re-published with Love Lane Books. Back Home & Moments were republished with Totally Bound.

Luckily the one thing I thought I would really struggle with, losing my old cover art, was actually the one thing I needn't have worried about. With Bitter Grace handling my Sanctuary Books, Throwaway and New York Christmas, I had Meredith Russell who worked on all the rest. Some of the most beautiful art came to me in 2013 and I thank them both so much.

Luckily I have the most awesome fans who supported me so much in the first half of the year. I will be forever grateful. Not only did you all follow me to my new publishers but you got behind Love Lane Books as well. Seriously, every single one of you rock.

The second half of the year I was really tired. I tried to slow down with the word counts but I had so many commitments and I was desperate to make sure I didn't let anyone down. I wrote 676,000 words in 2013, along side all the editing and reissuing of my old books. Half of those words were written for TEB, the rest split between eXtasy and Love Lane.

35 of my books are now in print. The Incubus Agenda is the book I am writing now and it is my 61st book.

You'd think I'd set targets for next year to beat the word count of 2013 but I'm not. My New Year's resolutions for writing are as simple as *write what I love, when I want to write it*. This isn't as dire as it sounds, I have plans for about 12 books for 2014 and there will probably be more stories there as well - you know I am addicted to writing... :) and I will be writing my usual daily word counts.

I just want to remove the stress of deadlines other than the ones I self impose. A good thing I think.

I have plans for a Heroes series, a series set in London, Montana 2 & 3, finishing the Bounty Hunter series. As yet I have no plans for a Texas 6, or a sequel to Throwaway (before you ask). However, I do have some very clear ideas about another Sanctuary book. Watch this space. Of course there is also End Street with Amber Kell and Sapphire Cay with Meredith. Then there is the trilogy with Chris Quinton and Meredith, not to mention the new group of books with Amber. 

So much for relaxing!

The high point of 2013 was pulling new authors together for the Christmas Anthology and I wish every single one of those new authors a very prosperous 2014 in their writing. Thank you guys for your hard work.

In summary I have learnt a whole lot this year and I think I am a better person, certainly a stronger more confident person in my writing, than I ever was in 2012. I don't think I trust as easily as I did, and for that I publicly apologise to both Totally Bound and eXtasy, but we're all working on that together! 

I have made the best friends this year, and met up with a lot of you at both the UK Meet and at GRL. 

I will be at the UK Meet in Bristol 2014, and will be queueing patiently (I am English after all!) at the PC to get a ticket for GRL 2014 in Chicago.

Special thank yous... to Erika, my editor, Stacia my proof reader and minion, Meredith my cover artist and best online friend 'evvers', Amber my good friend and nemesis, and lastly to Mr RJ who has had as much of a traumatic and busy 2012/2013 as I have. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone here... and here's to a good 2014.


  1. It was so wonderful to see you blossom when you started Love Lane Books! I was, and am, so very proud of you. In all the turmoil, you held your head high, and you held your ground.

    I am looking forward to reading the stories you will be giving us fans in 2014 and I wish nothing but success and happiness for you.

    And a big “LOL” to your comment about no plans yet for a sequel to Throwaway or Texas 6. You know that I am going to nag you, err…haunt you, hmmm…annoy you about a sequel to Throwaway. :)

    Here’s to 2014 being all that you hope and wish for.


    1. I thought I would nip Throwaway and Texas in the bud... just in case... ROFL...

      Your support has meant an awful lot to me hun... and I thank you for every post, or like, or comment you have made...


  2. Texas Winter was one of the first five M/M books I bought & I've been hooked on RJ Scott since. I have a lot of admiration for all you've gone through to do what you love all the while entertaining us fans. Keep up the good work cause I for one read your books over & over. I'm with Sharon on that nagging thing ; although mine is more Texas. Love all things Riley & Jack. Also LMAO the first time I saw the dog poster on your webpage & it was just as funny this time. Happy New Year to you & your family. May this year be infinitely better in all regards. Thx, Kendra

    1. Hey Kendra... hugs you... Happy New Year to you and yours hun... I think this year is going to go well... HUGS XXXXX

  3. You're a massive inspiration to other writers, RJ :) As a writer, I can only dream of writing so much and such amazing stories beloved of so many, but its all cool, because I also get to read and enjoy yours as a reader!!! *toasts RJ and hopes she has a brillaint 2014*

    1. awww... shucks... did i mention I bloody love your writing... ?


  4. I've had so much fun watching you branch out and grow in confidence. A bit ago I reread my T/M story that was set in Chicago, and it was fun thinking back on our 'early days.' :D I can't wait to see where 2014 takes you. <3

    1. Neither can I! You remember the apple pie story? XXX