Amazon territories and their sales

How cool is this image!
Hubby pointed out something to me the other day about sales in US Amazon (my biggest market) against sales in UK Amazon (my second biggest market) and I wanted to see if others experience the same thing. He said that the UK roughly brings in one quarter of the sales made in the US, and that this is pretty consistent across most of my books.

What I mean by that is for every hundred copies of a book sold in the US pretty much has the book selling twenty five in the UK...

Given that the US is a little bigger than the UK (ROFL) it's an incredibly interesting statistic. *Love my fellow Brits big time!*

On an another note Amazon have started labeling books getting to the number one spot with an awesome Best Seller icon (see the graphic) and I am so damned happy to have gotten my best seller label for the UK Amazon site.

UK screenshot for A Reason To Say


  1. Im not sure if or how it will be helpful but I live in Poland and I have to buy books from US Amazon because UK Amazon won`t let me.

    1. Interesting.. That means you are one of the countries that don't have a territory, hence being forced to use .com... :) XXX I would have thought they'd let you use UK given it's not far away... ROFL

    2. US Amazon is cheaper than UK so there is a good side :)

    3. Well that is good then! ROFL xxxx

  2. Well done for having a best selling book!!! I buy a lot from US Amazon because I get gift certificates given to me and they are usually from Amazon US.

  3. I buy from both UK and US... its a bit of a pain buying from the US but needs must sometimes