Opposites Attract - Billionaires Club book 2

Being best man at his closest friend’s wedding is Spencer Garrett’s idea of hell. Reserved and quiet he hates being front and center of this big budget event.

Gabriel Walker is chief groomsman and is the complete opposite to Spencer. He is loud and being the center of attention is exactly where he wants to be.

Gabriel can never resist provoking Spencer. For once, he'd like to see ‘Mr Ice’ lose control and have fun. He makes it his mission to give Gabriel a taste of hot and sexy for one night only. Just the kind of quick and satisfying meet-up which suits Gabriel down to the ground.

But before the wedding night is over, their unexpected connection will threaten to undermine everything they both believe about themselves and each other….


  1. I like the blurb for Opposites Attract. Is this scrapped or on the back burner, since June 2015 is past? Hopefully just on the back burner!! :)

    1. not scrapped no, it's now going to be book 2 in the billionaires book... or 1... haven't decided yet... Hugs you for commenting :) X