Round up of Reviews - November 2015

The Case of the Purple Pearl (written with Amber Kell)

Multitasking Mommas 4.5/5

The Case of the Purple Pear is the fifth installment to the mystery that is Sam. It is also the story of the little gargoyle book end that could, a.k.a. Halstein, and his lover/mate, Idris, Prince of the Fae on the run from his evil mother the wicked queen of the Fae. It is also the most frustrating of them all because it introduces a character so interesting and intriguing he kind of stole the show from the rest of the cast and crew.

Sexy For Review

The action is fast-paced and leaves you guessing at the next twist Kell & Scott will reveal.
An HEA for some, but for others…left wide open for the next book in this captivating series.

Prism Book Alliance - End Street Volume 1 (Cupid Curse / Wicked Wolf)

Okay, paranormals, a detective agency, it may have been done before, but this is fun, entertaining reading and I’m definitely looking forward to the second volume in the series, and more of Sam and Bob.

Guarding Morgan Audiobook

Queercentric Books

This has been on my TBR list for a while now. Having been given a taste with Guarding Morgan, I am fully captivated and ready to read more of the books from this great author that are currently sitting on my purchased, but as of yet unread shelf.

Bodyguards Inc Series

Love Bytes Reviews - Volume 1 (Bodyguard to a Sex god & Max and the Prince

I liked this book, I liked the writing, I liked the setting, I liked the plot, and I liked Adam and Logan. The ending was very good, and worked for this couple just fine. This book starts as insta-lust, but the ending shows there is more to these guys than that. The additional characters are good too, and I am looking forward to reading the other books (I only read the first two last year) to see more about these bodyguards!

Redz World - Max and the Prince 4/5

Luke was more than the sum of his title and with Max’s help he was able to let go and be sure that he would be safe. And Max opened up and allowed someone to empathize with his losses. I enjoyed their journey toward a happily ever after and look forward to seeing who else will have their happily ever after in this series.

Paranormal Romance Guild Undercover Lovers 5/5

I loved this book as much as I loved the first three. It has action, romance, love, and sex. It is fun to watch as two men lie side by side in a king sized bed and try not to touch each other when it is all they want to do. I loved Kyle, but Ross is really something else, funny, loyal, and dedicated. It isn't necessary to read all the books in order, but why deprive yourself of some very sexy reading?

Paranormal Romance Guild Max and the Prince 5/5

This was a wonderful story with two amazing characters, a hot, macho bodyguard and a quiet caring prince. I am sure there are many out there who can't imagine a gay man can be macho and tough, but they can be. They can be a man’s man in more ways than one. How many heterosexual men out there are afraid of their own shadow? I can say in all honesty I never figured out who the guilty party was and that doesn't happen often.

Paranormal Romance Guild The Ex Factor 5/5

This is a wonderful story about same sex abuse. Daniel spent years trying to convince himself that he loved Cam. When Cam was sorry and loving, Daniel once again would fall into the trap of accepting what was happening to him. When Ben entered his life and picked him up from the floor of the tub, Daniel decided he had to make changes in his life. He hoped Ben would be there with him. Whether it is abuse between a man and woman, or a man and another man, it is unacceptable and leaves the abused an empty shell. The author did a wonderful job of bringing this topic to light and showing what can happen if a person truly finds someone to love them.

Paranormal Romance Guild Bodyguard to a sex god 5/5

Not only was this a beautiful story about two great men, it is also a mystery as to who the stalker after Logan is. The mystery element in this story made it so interesting, guessing who it is. Is it someone Logan knows? Is it a fan? Is it someone he works with? There is explicit M/M sex, so this is a book for mature audiences. Can't wait to read book two.


Accidental Hero (Sanctuary 8)

Sexy For Review

Simon and Cain were phenomenal characters. Both of the men were mysterious and chivalrous and sans any overbearing qualities. Ms. Scott’s writing was focused on the task at hand with the end result of the book leaving me yearning for more. The mystery is left wide open for subsequent books as old characters are an important part of the second volume of the series, and new characters are introduced.

MM Good Book Reviews 5/5

When I found out that RJ was getting this book ready, I knew that I had to snatch it up. It was so much so that I have to go back and read them all over again. I loved them and would definitely recommend this book. It has a serious tone to it, but there is just a hint of humor in them that makes it rock. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next story. (Lisa)

on the suspense tip. RJ is an deliciously evil woman. While this story wrapped up nicely, she left a whole lot of questions unanswered. Questions that I need to know the answers to. And just so you people don’t think that I’ve gone soft…yes, there is a character that I want RJ to kill off slowly and painfully, in a future book. (Portia)

Multitasking Mommas

So Simon and Cain try to make heads and tails of a killer on the loose. Simon finds himself making a choice and he faces the bullet when he does. Cain will fight to get his lover to safety, even if it means giving up his Ferrari for a BMW. (Frankly, I am with him :D)

This. This book. Ms RJ— you rock!

Rainbow Book Reviews

This is a fast-paced action/adventure in the best Sanctuary tradition. The mystery as to who wants Simon dead and several other questions are only partially answered and if the previous Sanctuary arc around Senator Bullen is any indication, it will take a few more books to solve it. Simon and Cain manage to figure out what to do about their attraction though, and I was happy to see them add their names to the growing list of happily committed Sanctuary agents.

The Christmas Throwaway - Audio

Bike Book Reviews

I literally CHEERED when Ben and Zach FINALLY got together! Watching Zach blossom once he has a loving "family" proves that no matter your age, we ALL need people who surround us in love! It has an awesome cast of secondary characters that help make this a great holiday book.

I listened to the audio version of this book Sean Crisden did a fabulous job! He is an A plus narrator and the combination of his voice and RJ Scott's words is a homerun!!!

The Fitzwarren Inheritance

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words 4.5/5

It’s evident that these authors worked closely together to match personalities as they brought characters from one story into the next, and they worked together to create an intriguing action/adventure that didn’t slow or lag at any point. I devoured this story, and I highly recommend it to all who enjoy a multi-character MM romance with humor, intrigue, danger, and lots of loving.


Texas Wedding

Prism Book Alliance 5/5

This series reminds me of an old fashioned cowboy drama with some very hot M/M action thrown in. I promise you this, if nothing else once you pick up the first book in this series you will feel compelled to binge read them all. They are that good.

For a Rainy Afternoon, Audio

Sinfully MM Reviews 4/5

Of course it wouldn’t be A Tale of the Mysterious Cookbook if Granny B’s recipes didn’t make an appearance. How they turned up is imaginatively done and once again work their magic. This common thread running through the stories I find wonderful and fascinating but more than that the consistency between all the authors on how they write about the book is truly marvellous. So another happy end guaranteed but without any angst and emotional turmoil, just a beautiful story that ends on a note as sweet as Granny B’s applesauce cake.


Pararnormal Romance Guild - Retrograde 4/5

Lachlan and Rory were in a relationship. Eighteen months ago Lachlan left in the middle of the night with a note stating he wanted to fly. Rory wanted to stay on his farm planted firmly on the ground. Rory agrees to protect Lachlan and brings him back to the farm which was their home. Rory has never stopped loving Lachlan, but does Lachlan feel the same? He put his career first before, so when the investigation into the crash is done, will he once again take off and leave Rory with a broken heart?

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