Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 5 - Autism and Christmas

Autism and Christmas

As many of you will know, and some wont, my son is 16 and has autism. He still believes in Father Christmas, and we don't ever want that taken away from him. The only issue is... and follow this... Father Christmas is magic. He knows what you want. Therefore if you think the list of what you want in your head then Father Christmas will know exactly what you want.

Therefore, there is no point in telling Mum and Dad. At all.

You can see the problem. LOL.

Christmas Day is chaos, and Matt hates to be watched doing things. So we can't watch him open his presents. He opens them in the hallway, and often isn't keen on opening the last of his presents at all, until we are all safely up at the table playing games. This year is the first time he is going into town with his own money to buy presents for us all. I can't see how that will go wrong at all. I'm excited and happy that he has had a good year and feels he can do this, and I am doubly excited to see what he chooses for us all.

And don't forget...

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  1. I count myself lucky that letters to Father Christmas were something everyone in my family did, so I always know what my son wants most each year. Keep the magic alive as long as you can, my boy is 24 years old and still believes.

  2. My grand-neice is autistic as well and it's hard at times to view the world as she sees it. I can say that I'm also amazed by her. Autistic people are perfect in their own unique way. :)

  3. I have 2 sons (14 and 10) who are Autistic and they still believe. They are amazing and very smart and each day is challenging but I am honored to be their mom. I am so proud of my exceptional boys and seeing the world their eyes has me put on a journey that I will always cherish.