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So... I have had 11 books back this week... 11... (not as bad as the time I got 20 or so from Silver in one month but still... 11).
  • My MF & MM series x 3 books from ARe
  • Alpha Delta from ARe
  • The Kingdom Series x6 books from eXtasy
  • The New Wolf from eXtasy
What is happening with these...

My MF - books 1 and 2 are already back out with beautiful cover art from Meredith Russell. She is currently working on a cover for book 3 which is the MM book. ALL of these three will be available on KU for the three months as an experiment. They are being rebranded as RJ Scott books and I am retiring Rozenn Scott gracefully (something I had planned on doing, but couldn't because I was tied to ARe - see every cloud has a silver lining... wait, did someone mention Silver? LOL).

Alpha Delta will also be on KU, with new art that I have done (no laughing).

The reason it is on KU is a) it's a small experiment b) it's only a novella.

I have inundated poor Meredith with a millionty and one art requests this past week and one day she could well redo Alpha, Delta art and we'll reissue, but for the moment my attempt at a cover will have to be the one I use! LOL. I must admit I am kind of proud of it :)

Alpha Delta will be available in the next couple of days.

I want to reassure you this is not me turning to the KU dark side, this is me getting books out there to experiment for new markets. I still refuse to put my new books to Kindle only and leave out everyone else who reads the other formats. I love my readers, and we've been together a long time!

Speaking of which...

<3 <3 <3

IF YOU NEED ePUBS OF THESE BOOKS or REPLACEMENTS for previously purchased books PLEASE EMAIL Rachel and she will help you.

* * * * *

The Kingdom series is now with Meredith for new cover art and will be released on all platforms as two volumes of three stories - probably later on in Spring. The New Wolf already has new cover art and will be available soon on all platforms.

I am curiously detached from the whole ARe business, and actually incredibly focused on getting all my books back to me.

Soon I will have all the Ellery books... *my precious's* and Moments and Back Home...

THEN I will only have two stories with publishers, one of which I have asked for back. The other is with DSP and is with a whole lot of other authors so I'm leaving that for a while.

All hail independent publishing.


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