Full book list to print

I've often been asked if there is anywhere to find a full list of all my books. I tend to point people to my website but yesterday someone pointed out that printing a list from the site looks all kinds of wrong.

So after much playing around I now have a PDF of all my books, and I will attempt to keep it updated every six months or so. Releases for 2017 are on there and there are dates next to each one to indicate when it can be expected.

You can download the list in PDF here:


This is a list of all titles currently available. A couple of older stories are not on there, although some others have made it into new stories. One exception is The Fireman and the Cop which isn't available anywhere... but don't worry it's coming back out soon with a brand new cover, extra wordage, and new editing.

In summary

  • 98 ebooks currently available (94 MM, 4 MF)
  • 72 print books
  • 8 Italian
  • 9 French
  • 2 German
  • 1 Spanish
  • 7 Audio

*I'm tired just looking at that* :)

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  1. Thank you so much. I think I have all the e-books, but now I can check.