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New releases

The Doctor and the Bad Boy (Ellery Mountain) is doing well in sales and is now available on Amazon.

This Friday (26th) The Paramedic & The Writer is available for "buy and read" at TEB

Worlds Collide is still doing well, and is getting such good reviews I am kind of blown away... ROFL

I may just been thinking of a couple more stories... which Sanctuary Characters would you like me to re-visit in possibly short stories?

What have I read this week?

I came back from the UK Meet with some new authors to try... I have enjoyed every book I have read so far. Finding new authors that you love is like winning the lottery (yes I know I am weird) ...these include:

Love, Like Water by Rowan Speedwell... "This book has everything. Hurt. Comfort. Love. Lust. The world building of the ranch was perfect and I was so caught up in this story I couldn't put it down. I will certainly be recommending this book to everyone"

Finding Zach by Rowan Speedwell... "I love this book so much... I am a new Rowan Speedwell fan girl... I love the writing, I love the angst... everything..."

Catching Kit by Kay Berrisford "I found another new author from my meet ups at the UK Meet... This time it is the turn of Kay Berrisford.... I just finished Catching Kit and i LOVED it... I recommend it anyone who likes a big strong alpha with a kink for woman's underwear. Fantastic world building and I was drawn in immediately by Kit the elf... set in London... you'll love it..."

Next on my list is Lavinia Lewis... watch this space...


This week I am working on The New Wolf... ready to go to eXtasy tomorrow... am so excited about this book and reading where Stephani and Amber take the story in their parts. The New Wolf (Building The Pack, book 1)

Kindle Paperwhite and cerise cover

Arrives Thursday! YAY!


I am so close to a 1000 followers that it is soooo exciting! I am here: I will run a competition to win something *thinks* when I reach 1000 followers... :)

Royal baby

I'm kinda excited to see if the baby is a boy or a girl... I did have one thought though... how would it affect succession if the baby was born with autism... interesting...

Christmas Submissions

I had my first submission today (well the cover details and a note that the file is being beta'd). I am so excited.... !see Love Lane Submissions for more details of my short story initiative for new and existing authors.

Alan Turing

Fantastic news at The Guardian that Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing is to be given a posthumous pardon. More here - The Guardian

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  1. Short stories, novels, novellas, whatever you want to write if it's about the men of Sanctuary I'll read it. I have to admit I adore them all but Manny & Josh are my absolute favorites followed very, very closely by Joseph & Dale. I really hope we see more of these men, soon? :)

    1. Awww... I love me some manny and josh too... *hugs them*

      I also love Kayden and Beckett... nods...

      Thank you for commenting XXXXXXXX

  2. Hmm... I loved Adam and Lee as well as Jake and Sean. :) But any of the characters would be loved!!!

    The royal baby is so exciting! :)

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  4. ohhhh looks real good..can't wait. I love all the guys :) Can't choose between..:)

  5. Love to get more about Kayden and Beckett. But I do love all of them, so anything would be great as I don't want the sanctuary stories to end


  6. Think we need to know more about Jake's background, more about ALL of them....more, more, more!!! I'm not greedy, really I'm not, I just love the books RJ. X

  7. 1. Adam and Lee
    2. Jake and Sean

    But I think we need to find out about Jake's parents!!!

  8. Adam and Lee! I love those two. <3

  9. If I had to choose, I would say Adam and Lee, because I love stories where a former couple get back together when they love each other so much. But I also love Nik and Morgan, Sean and Jake, Beckett and Kayden, Manny and Josh. It's just so hard to choose! :D

  10. Sounds like you have a LOT going on! I'm on a mini-baby watch, too. Not hyper-watching headlines, but keeping a lookout!

  11. Looking like the baby will be born tomorrow. :)

    I have been thinking about that. While I would love for Jake's book so we could see how he feels about discovering about his parents, I would also love Adam and Lee's book. So, Jake and Sean, Adam and Lee are the two I would choose.

    Can't wait for the next Ellery book! So excited.

  12. I am excited to see that the next Ellery Mountain book comes out on payday! On the royal baby, I am not a royal watcher, but I am the mother of two adults with autism. I had not thought about how that would affect succession. That is something to ponder.

  13. I would take any of the couples. But if you really want us to choose. Nik and Morgan would be in there, I would love to see those two again. Adam and Lee... I really connected with those two couples. Not saying I don't love them all, BTW. Just that those are the two stand out couples... I will admit, I want to see them all together, just once. All the couples in one scene. It would be kinda nice, I think.