Hainted by Jordan L Hawk, 5/5 and Highly Recommended

The Good Guy
Haint-working runs in Dan Miller's blood. Not everyone can help the restless dead cross over, especially when the haunting threatens the Living. But the death of his parents six years ago forced Dan to give it up in exchange for raising his brother and sister, all the while struggling to keep their rural NC farm afloat.

So when the flamboyantly goth Leif Helsvin shows up on Dan's doorstep looking for help with an evil necromancer named Runar, Dan's first instinct is to turn him down. With two teenagers to look after, he's already got all the trouble he can handle. Besides, the sexy Leif is too much of a temptation, and Dan is firmly in the closet.

The Bad Boy
Pierced, tattooed Leif never has sex with the same guy twice. It keeps things simple, especially since his oath to stop Runar has him constantly drifting from one town to the next.

But this time, it looks like Leif is going to need help, in the form of the very down-to-earth Dan. Since Nice Guys are off the menu, Leif just has to keep his hands to himself for as long as it will take to stop Runar's latest scheme. But as Leif finds himself drawn deeper into Dan's life, he quickly realizes he's not just in danger of breaking the rules, but breaking his heart as well.

The Review 5/5 & a Highly Recommended

Imagine this... up to a couple of months a go I had never read a Jordan L Hawk book. Seriously. And now I have mainlined everything, the last of which is this book ** which I could not put down. This is a contemporary book in the sense it is grounded in the modern day BUT this is not a world you or I would recognise as normal. Ghosts are abound, necromancers, and through all it  the thread of magic is woven around Leif and Dan. Jordan's writing is stunning, fluid, and she weaves worlds that I can lose myself in. So  many twists and turns and vivid imagery that I had to read straight through to the end. Highly Recommended.

**I have read an advance copy of Necropolis (Review to follow) and I have a free Jordan wrote with KJ Charles as well! Then that is it... I'm done until the next SPECTR book... *gutted*

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