I have got SO far behind on my reviews and I realise I missed a few from before GRL and even before that!

Please remember I am not a *proper* reviewer. I'm just a reader who thinks maybe the people that like my writing may be interested in the kinds of books I love. I only EVER post reviews of books at 4/5 or over, and these are not structured reviews, just my immediate reactions.

Clare London - A Twist and Two Balls (with a kick #1) 4/5

4.5/5 and a fab start to this series. Amazon (US)

Sue Brown - Hissed as a Newt (with a kick #2) 4.5/5

4.5/5 and oh so lovely. Good follow up to book 1. Amazon (US) 

Garrett Leigh - Heart 5/5

5/5 and classic Leigh angst, hurt and comfort, read in one sitting - Amazon (US)

Raising the rent from JL Merrow 5/5

Loved this so much, JL pretty much never puts a foot wrong. Gorgeous sweet sexy book. 5/5. Amazon (US)

The 1000 smiles of Nicholas Goring 5/5

5/5 and an added awwww and an added omg. And a happy sigh. OUT SOON.

Jordan L Hawk - Bloodline 6/5 & Highly Recommended

Yep you read that right. 6/5. Love this book. A master storyteller in Jordan L Hawk. Amazon (US)

Amy Jo Cousins - Five Dates 5/5

Loved this books a funny cute and sexy read that I couldn't put down. 5/5. Amazon (US)

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