Guest Post - N.R. Walker on Cowboys!

A huge thank you to RJ for having me!

Today’s chat is all about cowboys!!! And who doesn’t love cowboys?? My series, RED DIRT HEART, is set in the Outback of Australia in a vast desert of red dirt. Sutton Station (cattle farms, or ranches, are called stations in Australia) is a whopping 2.58 million acres, which isn’t too uncommon in central Australia. I actually based Sutton Station off a working station in the Northern Territory of Australia. Lucy Creek Station is a real place, three hours from the nearest town in the middle of the desert. Real people live and work there, running successful cattle production.

You can see Lucy Creek on Google Maps. Make sure you have it on Satellite settings so you can see the red, red dirt!

My characters, Charlie Sutton and Travis Craig, not only have issues with farming desert sand in a new millennium, but they also have small-town minds to deal with. Being a farmer in the Outback is hard enough, but being a gay farmer makes it so much harder.

Charlie was born and bred in the desert, and is resigned to being alone forever. Travis, an agronomy student from America, falls in love with the desert the second he arrives, and he changes Charlie’s life in ways he never dreamed possible.

The Red Dirt Heart Series consists of four full length novels, one Christmas short story, and a short crossover story with my Imago series.

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  1. Love, Love,Love this series and the audios just... well... there are no words! 😁

  2. I love this series, I have the three that have been so far produced on audio too, Joel Leslie does a superb job giving voice to the characters