I have several books that I wrote for a Young Adult Market:

The Love Is... books follow Cameron and Luke over three books, from falling in love to facing down bullies.
More information can be found here:

Love Is In The Title - Book 1
Love Is In The Hallways - Book 2
Love Is In The Message - Book 3

The Decisions We Make is a larger story and follows Daniel and Jamie
More Information can be found here:

The Decisions We Make

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I have been asked the following question - What is different about your Young Adult writing to your Adult writing?

My short answer - sex.

My young adult writing, to date, has dealt with young men in the senior year of school who are just starting the journey to new lives. The stories are still RJ Scott books. They have the RJ Scott angst, decisions, situations and the promise of Happy Ever After. Their stories are not gun toting adult stories but stories of family and overcoming obstacles (think Christmas Throwaway / Back Home, that kind of thing!).
They just don't go straight to the penetrative sex. My young guys are GUYS, they don't shake hands and say goodnight - they kiss and rub and generally get off in the most imaginative ways... but none of them are ready yet to go further.

I hope this explains...

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  1. I've really enjoyed these stories. "Decisions" is great book. But I have to ask, will there be any sequels to these stories? I know you have an incredibly busy schedule and I don't want to make things worse, but I am curious as to whether ther will be more or not.